Viewing online/offline contacts with Office Outlook?



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Viewing online/offline contacts with Office Outlook?

Postby Q29keQ » Mon, 29 Jan 2007 07:51:00 GMT

A while back, I used to use Outlook Express and Windows Messenger (where this 
feature was implemented). Later, I have upgraded to Live Messenger, and as 
you may know, MSN/Live Messenger is not integrated with Outlook Express, so I 
am unable to view online contacts using Outlook Express. Now I am thinking of 
possibly switching to Office Outlook (2003). I know MSN/Live Messenger can be 
integrated with Office Outlook, but the only way that I found to see if a 
messenger contact is online is to view an email sent from them (the status by 
their email address).

Is there some other way to view your messenger contacts' status in Office 
Outlook...just as you could with Outlook Express? It seems like there was a 
way to get a contacts bar on the side, almost similar to Outlook Express, 
when I have toyed with the program a few years ago, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any help!!

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