Clicking on mailto link in OL2007 hangs OL & other processes



  • 1. Renaming inbox and recycle bin
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    Hello, I would like to setup a filter in Outlook 2000 to delete the email if the attachment has specific words in the title of the attachment. Is this possible? Thank you for any help or advice. Dan
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    I have tried many ways that were suggested in deleting the corrupt appointment. I am unable to keep OL2000 running long enough to do this. It has to be restarted w/ CTL+ALT+DEL. Is there way to delete "EVERYTHING" in Calendar ?? i.e. a File or in reg edit ?? OL2000 v. Win98 SE v. 4.10.2222 Thank You Fran
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    I've seen various posts related to emails stuck in the outbox, but none related to this: When I hit the send button in my user account my email immediately goes off into the ether. When my spouse hits send in her account the email goes into the outbox and doesn't send until: 1) she push send/receive, or 2) the automatic send/receive every X minutes kicks in. We each have our own user account in XPpro and I've gone through every option I can find and our setting appear to be exactly the same. She's got POP3 and I've got the evil MSN http mail. My recollection was that her's used to send just like mine, but some upgrade along the way changed things. Ideas? Post or email me. ericm

Re: Clicking on mailto link in OL2007 hangs OL & other processes

Postby H Gohel » Sat, 04 Aug 2007 10:27:09 GMT

I looked at the MS KB article a bit more closely and I found the "File 
Types" entry that they mention for URL:MailTo.  It was already correct, 
and pointing to Outlook.exe from the Office12 directory.  I switched 
from Outlook to OE and back to Outlook again as they suggested and in 
each case, mailto links still hang my system.

Seems like it's a known issue, just that the suggested solution isn't 
working out for me.  Anybody have any other suggestions?  I'm about to 
fire up processmon to see what's happening.

Re: Clicking on mailto link in OL2007 hangs OL & other processes

Postby H Gohel » Mon, 13 Aug 2007 12:34:52 GMT

Still no luck resolving this issue.  However, I found that another user 
on this machine does *not* have this problem with mailto links, so it's 
something in my user settings only.

Is there a way to reset my Outlook settings?

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