I loaded updates for Office 2003 and now my email doesn't work


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  • 1. Modify Print Styles
    In Outlook 2003, if you go to File, Page Setup, Define Print Styles, and Edit the Memo Style, then go to the Paper tab, how do you change the margins, and dimensions from metric to inches? After installing Office 2003 from scratch, the default is metric, although the rest of MS Office is in inches.
  • 2. Junk Mail filter stopped working
    After the latest "Patch Tuesday" Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter (KB916521): OUTLFLTR was installed, the Junk Mail filter no longer functions. I spent half my morning removing over 300 messages from the inbox that would have been caught by the filter before. I'm running Outlook 2003 and NIS 2006 (NAV) and everything is up to date. I also noticed that after all the Windows updates yesterday (Patch Tuesday - 5/9/06) the SystemTray icons aren't there as they should be. I run Task Manager and see the programs listed as running but the icons that should be in the system tray are gone. -- When all else fails.... read the instructions.
  • 3. Forwarded Emails Only Include Attachments - Not Original Text
    Both partner and myself are using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. I have verified that both of our settings in 'Tools / Options / Email Options' have 'include original message text' for both replies and forwards. Sometimes, when I forward an Email with Excel Spreadsheets attached, she receives the attachments with no original text or even my text signature. However, in my 'sent' folder, the text and attachments both appear. The same is true when she forwards an Email to me. All advice is appreciated. TIA.
  • 4. Help: Alternate default Calendar Display date
    When opening a calendar in a public folder, the view defaults to displaying the Today's date (or dates if multiple days are selected) which is the expected behavior. What I wondering is if there is a way to force the view to start at a specific date? For instance, is there a way that I can force the view to always start at Aug 17, 2007 for a given public folder calendar?
  • 5. signature problems still!
    I was wondering how I could change the settings in Outlook so that it's not 'Plain text.' Would you happen to know how to do that? Thanks so much! "Nabeel Moeen" wrote: > could it be that the email you were replying to was a 'Plain text' email? > in this case the reply also uses the same formatting as the original email, > hence the signature would lose its font decoration. > > "Katelyn" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message > news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > > Ok, so here's the deal: > > > > I went into Tools, then Options, then Mail Format and made myself a > > signature with a certain font and color. I selected the option of > > including > > it when I write a new email, reply to an email, and forward an email. > > I tested it by writing an email to a friend and the signature appeared, so > > no problem there. > > I then was replying to an email and the signature appeared BUT it went to > > a > > plain font and lost the color. > > I was wondering if anyone could please let me know if this is normal or if > > something can be done to fix it. > > Thank you so much!!! > >

I loaded updates for Office 2003 and now my email doesn't work

Postby TlQ » Sat, 21 May 2005 23:31:09 GMT

After updating my Office 2003 Small Business edition, by email no longer 
connects to the server!  I am very frustrated as the program was freezing and 
Microsoft TOLD me to update my software.  Now outlook will not work correctly.

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