manual send recieve error message Path not valid



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manual send recieve error message Path not valid

Postby UGF0cmljaw » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 04:50:02 GMT

I have just migrated to a new computer. I seem to have all my Outlook 2003 
elements working, except when I hit 'send/recieve" I get the following 
message"the pathspecified for the file "C:\doc etc etc." is not valid.
The app does the scheduled send recieves ok, but not when I do it myself. 
How is this set? How do I correct this?

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The Administrator account is not named administrator it is Thomas so there 
is no folder under duc and set called administrator. every where I look in 
outlook to change the location is already pointing to thomas and not 

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(roaming user). He can log onto a PC and launch his outlook sucessfully as 
long as he has been added as local administrator of that PC. But when he logs 
onto any other PC and launches Outlook 2003 on the same network then he keeps 
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