Please don't respond on this thread; post corrected and resubmitted


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  • 1. 2005 SQL Service Pack 3
    The auto update process on my computer prompts me daily to download and install SP3, but the installation fails each time. No error message is given, only notification that the install did not work. 1) Will I benefit from SP3? 2) Why is the install failing and what must I do to rectify? 3) If I don't need it, what must I do to turn off the auto reminder for this one update? Thanks, -- Russ
  • 2. dialling a contact from Outlook 2007 when you have a wireless rout
    I cannot dial any of the contacts from Outlook because I haven't got a modem.Or at least that's what I think,but please make allowances because I am a technofool. Is there anybody out there who could tell me what to do? -- Martika
  • 3. Receive email from one account to 2 different outlooks
    I have Comcast email and I have t sent to my Outlook 2003 inbox, I have another computer with Outlook Express 6 can I aso have it sent to that account? Receive the same email to both outlooks on different computers. Thank you for your help.
  • 4. outlook office 2007 trial
    installed "small business office 2007 trial - will not insall outlook - also lost my previous outlook applications error 1356. Also previously tried Ofice 2007 professional Trial and now cannot remove this!! Cannot remove previous toolbar for this - says "no patch"
  • 5. Outlook loses control.
    Help if you can. Ever since I installed Outlook connector at the direction of Microsoft Tech support I have endured a very annoying issue. When Outlook is running, a "scan" occurs every minute and lasts for 6 to 8 seconds. During this time, I lose all control of my cursor. If I am typing in Word, or replying to an email, or typing in IE or whatever I am doing, it takes total control. It happened four times while typing this message. To solve this I have tried to repair Office/Outlook connector; deep scanned for spyware and viruses. Then, I clicked on a Help link on the Microsoft website, which connected me to Omnitech. Thinking I was dealing with Microsoft, I signed up with them for help. After over 24 hours of cumulative time, and two separate maintenace sessions, the problem still persists. Any ideas?

Please don't respond on this thread; post corrected and resubmitted

Postby Richard L » Thu, 27 May 2004 10:37:44 GMT


Please don't respond to this thread.

I had typos in the Subject line and in the body of the original message on
this thread.  I started a new thread by posting the corrected message,
which has a Subject "Accessing existing InBox, etc from OE2000 after
installing Office 2003 - How to".

If you're inclined to address my problem,  kindly post your response on the
new thread.

Thank you,

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