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Reading email

Postby R3VwdGE » Wed, 30 Dec 2009 10:25:01 GMT

In Microsfot Outlook, when I highlight the email, it opens up. If I want to 
delete it without reading, its already open. How to change so mthat I have to 
click it twice to open?

Re: Reading email

Postby neo » Wed, 30 Dec 2009 17:17:02 GMT

Tools > Options > Other tab > Reading Pane button.  There is a checkbox that 
needs to be unchecked about marking it read when the selection changes. You 
also might have to uncheck the one about it being in reading pane for X 

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Hi - 

   We have 1 computer that is doing the oddest thing, 
anytime the customer reads the last email in his box, 
exit's out of email and then comes back in, that email is 
now marked as unread - it's the weirdest thing I have 
seen in a long time. I uninstalled office XP, rebooted, 
then reinstalled and applied the 2 service packs, hoping 
that would fix it, but it didn't. So now I'm stuck and 
was wondering if anybody out there has any thoughts on 
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  Gerri Urban

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Maybe this sounds strange but apparently Lotus Notes works this way.

A user has permissions to her bosses email so they can both read it. But
when she reads his email from her PC, she does not want it to be marked as
read on his PC (so her boss knows he hasn't read it). - She doesn't want to
keep changing them to unread from read.

Someone thinks it should not come up as read when she opens its. I'm not
aware of that being possible.

Is it?

Preview pane - too much trouble for her.
Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003


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Here's an odd one.

CFO calls and states he has about 300 Emails that were marked as read and 
are now showing as unread, in Outlook.

I got 2 examples from him from yesterday that he was reading last night, on 
his laptop in the office.  He said that this morning when he came in he saw 
that Outlook was downloading a lot of Email, in the MBs, and then the Email 
showed as unread.

The only thing I can think of is that he was offline and reading the Email 
and when he opened Outlook again this morning he synched up and Outlook 
didn't report that the messages were read and the server over wrote the 

Any thoughts?????

Server info:
Exch 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP1

Client info:
Outlook 2003
Windows XP SP2

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in my Inbox in Outlook and I read each of them for the first time and then I 
close Outlook right after that and login to AOL and those emails I just read 
are not in my "New Mail" even though I never deleted or moved them in 
Outlook.) If I were on AOL and read an email for the first time and just 
click "Keep as New" it stays in my "New Mail" just not bolded (unread) like 
before. I'm looking for my emails to work the exact same way in Outlook. Any 
suggestions? email still shows as read

After installing the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003, when I open 
an email it sometimes does not show as "read". Sometimes I have to open it 
numerous times for it to repsond. Right clicking to "mark as read" sometimes 
doesn't work when this happens.

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Thank you. 

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