Send via email links not working OL2007



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Send via email links not working OL2007

Postby Prilosec » Mon, 09 Apr 2007 22:37:11 GMT

I have OL 2007 on 2 machines, one an XP Pro laptop and one a new Vista 
desktop. On both computers, I can no longer use the "send via email" links 
from other programs. When I used OL2003, these links would open a new OL 
message with an attachment filled in. Now they do nothing. Programs where 
this fails are IE7 (Vista and XP), Photo Gallery (Vista) and Adobe Acrobat 
I have OL2007 checked as the default email client on both machines. I also 
am running the trial of OneCare (if that makes any difference--could't find 
it blocking anything). Thanks. 

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