Adding new entries to AddressList.AddressEntries...



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Adding new entries to AddressList.AddressEntries...

Postby Heinz-Josef Bomanns » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 17:42:50 GMT

Hi again,

i have a form with a list displaying addresses that i read via OOM,
"NameSpace.AddressLists(x)". Works well so far. I now want to add a
new address entry to one of the AddressLists. I've learned that it's
not possible via "AdressList.AddressEntries.Add", so i've tried to get
a pointer to the underlying contacts folder via




This will fail 'cause the "ID" is no "EntryID" or "StoreID".
"AddressList.Parent" points to "AddressLists" instead to the folder
from which the entries are selected and thus also isn't of much help. 

Question is now: How do i get a pointer to the appropiated contacts
folder to add a new entry directly? Or do i have to dig deeper into
CDO for a solution? Thanks for any hint...


So long...

Re: Adding new entries to AddressList.AddressEntries...

Postby Ken Slovak » Wed, 09 Feb 2005 00:00:44 GMT

Get AddressList.ID, compare it with Contacts.EntryID. You will see an 
interesting pattern where the contacts folder ID is embedded within the ID 
for the AddressList.

  Dim strID As String
  Dim oAL As Outlook.AddressList
  Dim oFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder

  Set oAL = Application.Session.AddressLists("Contacts")
  Set oFolder = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
  Debug.Print oFolder.EntryID
  strID = oAL.ID
  Debug.Print Mid(strID, 89, Len(strID) - 89)

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Author: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Reminder Manager, Extended Reminders, Attachment Options

Re: Adding new entries to AddressList.AddressEntries...

Postby Heinz-Josef Bomanns » Tue, 15 Feb 2005 03:28:51 GMT

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the hint, will have a further look at this tomorrow -
Outlook is full of surprises ;)


So long...

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