Outlook 2003 with BCM: Unable to publish a customized BC-form



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Outlook 2003 with BCM: Unable to publish a customized BC-form

Postby Christian Trojer » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:15:53 GMT

I created a customized BusinessContact form.
After the Customization I pushed the Publish-Button. In the window "Publish
Form As" I selected the "Personal Forms Library", choose a name and pushed
the Publish Button.
An error occurs: "The Business Contact cannot be saved unless it contains a
Full Name. Please type a name in the Full Name Box, and then save".

Has anyone experience in customizing and publishing forms in Business
Contact Manager and Outlook2003.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Outlook 2003 with BCM: Unable to publish a customized BC-form

Postby Patricia Cardoza - [MVP Outlook] » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:24:33 GMT

The only way to customize forms for BCM is to design and publish them in a
profile that does not have BCM loaded. Otherwise the logic in BCM prevents
them from being published.  So create a new profile, don't load BCM, and
then you should be able to publish your customized forms.

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Re: Outlook 2003 with BCM: Unable to publish a customized BC-form

Postby Christian Trojer » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 19:08:56 GMT

Thanks Patricia,

I tried that way - it works - no message appears.

But how can I use the new form in my "Original"-Profile with the BCM in it.

Sorry about my "silly" question, but I'm not really familiar with the new

BTW: Do you know a good and understandable docu about OL2003 w. BCM?

Once again, thanks for your kind support.



Re: Outlook 2003 with BCM: Unable to publish a customized BC-form

Postby Christian Trojer » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 07:16:26 GMT

with help from Patricia Cardoza, i found a solution:

1) Publish the form with "Form name:" BCM.Contact (That's important to
produce the Message class IPM.contact.BCM.Contact)

2) In the Outlook-Menubar choose Tools - Options - Other - Advanced
Options... - Button Custom Forms - Button Manage Forms

3) Mark the customized form and save it as a Form Message (.fdm)

4) Change to the Profile with BCM go to Manage Forms

5) Now you can delete the original ContactForm and install the customized

I've tested it and the new form is working as fine as the old one did.


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