disappearing CD data (NOT CD-ROM letter!)



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disappearing CD data (NOT CD-ROM letter!)

Postby Jacek Bogucki (Gucek) » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:35:21 GMT

On my Win2K SP4 after some time my IDE CD-ROM (CD-Recorder actually) stops
reading data. Like if there is no CD in the drive. I thought that my CD is
dying, but then I discovered that:
1. It does NOT happen with same CDs and drive under Win98!! They work even
after few hours (well - like they should).
2. Audio CDs do work all the time. Not only they play correctly (I know that
computer isn't "needed" for them) :) ..but their TOC is read correctly (for
cddb/freedb checking).
3. Later I installed another old CD recorder - this one on SCSI...and same
thing! The times varied but in both cases the effect is like the CD is
unreadable or the drive is dying...

ANY ideas?
(machine is checked for spyware & viruses, has all updates, etc...)

Jacek Bo.

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