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  • 1. Network Diagram
    i have project 2003 server. i know that network diagram in MS Project can not display in pwa. but my bos want that. Can I view a network diagram in PWA? is there any 3rd party component? thank you.
  • 2. i cant get onto microsoft word i dont have the cd-key numbers
    i had to remove the all the new programs and put the programs back that came with the computor and now i cant use microsoft word it saids i have to put the 25 cd-key numbers ,and i dont have them.
  • 3. Use of "user control" into project server webpart
    Hello everybody, I'm beginning to create webpart on sharepoint 2007 with visual studio 2005. I wanted to have a design view of what i'm doing so i decided to user "user control" in my webpart class i do like this InnerControl = Me.Page.LoadControl("_/Layouts/1033/Shortcut_creation.ascx") in this ascx file i Have <%@ Control Language="VB" CodeFile="shortcut.vb" Inherits="shortcut" %> I tried to add <%# import %> <%# assembly %> because shortcut.vb is my webpart class, and this file is in the assembly (GAC) How can i tell to the usercontrol, that the file who is catching his events is shortcut.vb from the ASSEMBLY Thank you in advance for you help Yal PS: I don't want to have inline code!
  • 4. Add in help
    i have posted a message prviousely about add in an noone answered , i was wonderinf if any of microsoft guru's can answer it please ,because i have already spent few day onthis issues used every solution on google and still nothing and i am wondering why every time we use microsoft tools we end up in hell I am having a serious dll hell , so pleaeanyone with some help is much appreciated.

=?Utf-8?Q?MSPJGrid_and_customization_of_=E2=80=9CP?= =?Utf-8?Q?roject_detail=E2=80=9D_webpart?=

Postby dmlyc2hhcm1h » Wed, 12 Nov 2008 21:31:01 GMT

I am having few queries related to the roject detailswebpart 

1. How can I use MSPJGrid in custom webpart for PWA as Project center and 
Project details webpart in Project Server 2007? 
2. How can I modify or customize roject detailswebpart that uses 
MSPJGrid ? 

Thanks and Regards,
Virendra Sharma

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Try this - Save it as soon as it opens. There is a Detect and Repair in MS 
Projects under thew Help. Good Luck

"MartyO" wrote:

> We have been getting this error occasionally on a file that resides on our 
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Hrs Charged

I am hoping the procedure would be as simple as opening the master file and 
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I realize there might be some error checking issues that would need to be 
addressed such as hat if the Excel file has a Job/Task ID that is not 
listed in the Project file, ectmaybe that can be solved by the routine 
first checking to see if all of the Job/Task ID exist and issuing an error 
message if they do not prior to importas you can see I am not a programmer, 
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The only way to get out of the screen is by pressing the CANCEL button or 
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Customized Lookups and Graphical Indicators work fine. 

Tried the same thing on another PC and it works. 
Tried to open a project file with existing formulas on the problem PC and 
the formula editor does not display the formulas.

Any help is greatly appreciated


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I have a resource loaded schedule.  Tasks are fixed duration.  I have 
captured the labor hour estimates in the orkfield.  With fixed duration 
tasks, changes in the labor estimates or duration, dynamically changes the % 
allocated of the resources assigned.  

I have a (non human) resource associated with some tasks.  This resource is 
a abneeded for the execution of specific tasks.  This resource, like all 
assigned resources, has a limited capacity.  Adding this resource to a task 
increases the orkassociated a fixed duration task.  Because the resource 
is not a human resource, I do not want abto increase the orkwhen 
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Adding abto appropriate tasks, with an availability of 100% (8 hr./day, 
Mon Fri), I can see, like other resources, when the resource is over 
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to maintain overall schedule.  In actuality, using  the Lab does not increase 
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I can seem to get MSP to allow me to add a resource (with an availability 
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 I essentially trying to do capacity planning for the lab.

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