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Allocation Percentage

Postby SmVycnlpbm5j » Sat, 27 Aug 2005 00:48:27 GMT

I am trying to find a way to change the allowable allocation from 100% to 
less than or more than 100%.  I want this to be a temporary change so that 
resource can be looked at that are say allocated more than 125% and have 
those resources in RED only. I tried to change the maximum units on the 
resource sheet and I get some interesting results when I look at the Resource 

Any thoughts on how to do this.

Re: Allocation Percentage

Postby Jan De Messemaeker » Sat, 27 Aug 2005 00:51:53 GMT

Please don't crosspost - you make the same people work twice for no reason

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2.New resource allocation percentage is ignored

I use a shared resource pool. I noticed that somehow my percentage allocation 
on a task was 106%. Don't know how that happened.. but I changed the task 
allocation to 15% and then saved the project and the resource pool.

Apparently Microsoft doesn't like that answer because each time I close and 
re-open these projects, the percentage is back at 106%. The only way it does 
not bounce back to that value is if I open the sharer project alone and do 
not open the resource pool when asked.

This behavior has happened on several tasks in several different projects.


3.Protecting a resource's allocation percentage across multiple proj

I have a resource who is doing work for multiple, related projects.  He can 
only invest 50% of his time (e.g., 4 hours/day) across all of these projects.

So as a simple example, if each of the four projects require four hours of 
his time, the Resource Usage view would show him spending four hours per day 
for four days.

I think what I need to do is have this resource in a master project, and 
have all the projects he is working on be linked into this master as 

Will this meet my need?  What other things must I do to ensure this resource 
does not get overallocated and all Finish Dates correctly uphold his 50% 
allocation constraint?

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I have what I consider to be a basic project.  The resources (they are 
people) are set-up permanently at either 75% or 88%.  The project is set-up 
to use automatic leveling and everything is fixed units and effort driven.  I 
think everything else is set to default values.  Evrything works fine except 
one thing.  When I assign a resource to a task that has less than 7 hours on 
it the allocation for the resource is automatically lowered to match the 
percentage of time it would take to complete the task.  For example, when I 
assign a resource to a task that has work of 2 hours, it changes the resource 
to 25%.  If I then reselect that same resource, the 75% or 88% shows back up 
again.  Any ideas why this happens?  I have tried messing with various 
options including the effort driven option and it always does the same thing 
(changes my resource allocation the first time it is assigned).  I am using 
Project 2003. to get resource allocation percentages in a query using Project web-access?

Using MS Project web-access 2003, I want to query the cube and - for
every project - show the same content I would see on the task-resource
name field in MS Project itself.
The problem is - I can't seem to find the fields to do this - to break
it down by task and % of resource's time allocated to that.

E.g. I'm looking for a field that produces this - for each project -
in a single query:
                     John Smoth[20%], Cindy Ryan[50%]


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