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  • 1. Remaining Work column in Resource Usage View
    We are using Project Server 2003. I added the Remaining Work column in the Resource Usage View. When a resource is working on more than one project, the view shows the tasks of the current project for that resource and a total of work assigned for each other projects. For these others projects, the Remaining Work column display the Work instead of the Remaining Work. For each tasks assigned to the resource in the current project, the Remaining Work column display the right information. Is there a solution to that problem?
  • 2. Running code after ProjectAssignmentNew has completed
    Hi There The problem I am having is that I want to update a resource list everytime a resource is assigned to a task. The issue here is that project does not assign the resource to the task resource names column until after ProjectAssignmentNew has completed running. How can I force project to make the assignment link before ProjectAssignmentNew has finished running or where do I put code so that it will automatically run right after ProjectAssignmentNew has finished Any help is much appreciated Jon
  • 3. Urgent: Programatically get the value of Calculated Field
    Hi, I want to get the calculate fields's value Programatically like Project Budget or Project Schedule for a specific project. How can I do it? Any help would be highly appreciated. Regards,
  • 4. how do i "look up" an associated value for a task id
    Hi trying to output assignment information to excel (can do), but in addition to the assignment fields, i would also like to output additional task fields and i'm guessing that i can use the ActiveProject.Resources.Assignments.TaskID field to link to task text1 field, but i've got no idea how, ... help please ... -- Cheers JulieD

Re: Programming Project Server 2003 using C# web application

Postby Wolfgang Woznik » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 02:03:33 GMT

Hi Vani,

you will find an answer (for most of your questions, but not all) in the
Project 2003 SDK:
see PDSTest.NET


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Re: Programming Project Server 2003 using C# web application

Postby VmFuaQ » Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:35:01 GMT

Hi Woznik,

I have PDSTest.Net application. I am using the same application to do all 
these functionalities. But I am getting the following errors when i am trying 
following things.

For the ResourceAdd method, I am providing only the name, i am getting a 
error code which corresponds to "rsResourceNotCheckedoutToUser". I am trying 
to add a resource,  which resource i need to check out?

For the ProjectCreate method, following are the parameter values I am 
sending the following info, I am getting error code 1009 in status which 
corresponds to rsProjectIDInvalid.  I am not providing any of the optional 
parameter values, i am trying with only required fields. In the TemplateID 
which ID has to be given?


I am just trying with the PDSTest.Net application to start with.  Please help.


Re: Programming Project Server 2003 using C# web application

Postby Wolfgang Woznik » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 20:37:20 GMT

Hi Vani,

I have never used this Methods (I use PDS to read resources and projects and
update assignemts), but I guess the following:

for ResourceAdd see PDS Reference: "The PDS also checks to ensure that the
Enterprise Resource Pool is checked out to the current user."


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Re: Programming Project Server 2003 using C# web application

Postby VmFuaQ » Sat, 04 Sep 2004 20:31:04 GMT

hanks Woznik for the information.

It works,


"Wolfgang Woznik" wrote:

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