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Sub-sub tasks under sub-tasks

Postby binojkr » Wed, 23 Jul 2008 16:20:22 GMT

I am a novice to MS Project.

I have a project management requirement as follows:

I want to monitor and manage some seven sub-sub tasks under some 20 su
tasks. To make it more clear, I want to monitor the Drawing sheet statu
of plan, elevation, section etc(7 of them in general, but if there ar
multiple sheets for sections, then the number goes up). These are m
sub-sub tasks. These appear under some 20 odd areas like single room
double room, lobby etc.. which I assume are sub tasks. 

In excel i could use multiple sheets and a row colum matrix of 20x7 t
manage this problem. In MS Project, I did not come across any suc
facility of row column matrix or linking multiple sheets kind of stuff
Since MS Project deals with each sub (sub-sub) task as a row, I presum
that I must have 20x7 = 140 odd rows, with the same kind of names (pla
elevation...) repeated, making it combursome and difficult t
Moreover, I may have to include yet another sub level under a few o
these sub-sub levels.

How do I solve this problem? 

Pls help.

Thanks a lot in advance.



RE: Sub-sub tasks under sub-tasks

Postby QiBTYWkgUHJhc2FkIFtQTVBd » Wed, 23 Jul 2008 18:36:04 GMT

Dear Binojkr -

I understand you have the executable tasks in each sheet of workbook. 

The fundamental idea is to consider each sheet "name" of the workbook as 
summary task / phase in the schedule and have the rows in each workbook as 
individual (executable) tasks in the schedule.

As you a beginner to Microsoft Project, I would like to suggest the 
following approach to migrate the data from workbook to Microsoft Project.

1. Open MS Project and choose File, Open to use the Import Wizard to map the 
columns in sheet to fields in MS Project. 
2. Repeat step 1 for each sheet in the workbook
3. Now, it would be cumbersome for you to understand the schedule due to the 
size and all the tasks are in the same level. So, you can insert rows between 
the different phases - like plan, elevation, section 
4. Select (only) the "executable" tasks under the phase and choose Indent 
(->) arrow in Formatting tool. This will push these tasks and outline the 

If my suggestion is useful, consider rating it :-)

* Enjoy scheduling with Microsoft Office Project *

Re: Sub-sub tasks under sub-tasks

Postby Steve House [MVP] » Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:58:17 GMT

Project is certainly able to handle that level of complexity, piece of cake. 
The outline structure can theoretically accomodate up to 65000 levels of 
indentation.  But you are correct that you will have many of your 
performance tasks repeated.  The task list is essentially decomposed by 
deliverable so you'll end up with

Paint Interior
    Paint Living Room
        Prep Walls
        Paint Walls
            Mix Paint
            Apply Paint
        Cleanup drips
    Paint Master Bedroom
        Prep Walls
        Paint Walls
            Mix Paint
            Apply Paint
        Cleanup drips

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