Help, am I using the correct program?

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  • 1. Showing reports based upon baseline 3.
    1. How do I know which baseline my Gantt is using? 2. How do I know which baseline my Reports are using? To explain more: When I open my MS Project File and go to Tools/Tracking...I see that the baseline is set to baseline one. This leads me to believe that MS Project is basing reports off of baseline one, correct? I do not want this. What I do want is baseline 3 to be what MS Project Uses. Can you tell me how to make this happen please? Thank you!
  • 2. Compare Project Version not working 2007
    I have 2 versions of project installed (2003 and 2007). Can you tell me how to get "compare project version macro" to run in 2007?
  • 3. Actual Duration display
    Hi, I'm updating tasks with actual hours spent each week on tasks. How do I change the display on the "Actual Dur" from days to hours? If a developer has worked 4 hour on a task that takes 5 days it displays .5d under "Actual Dur". I would like to see it as 4 hrs? -jp
  • 4. RECURRING TASKS subtotal
    In Project 2007 - when I set a recurring task such as a meeting for every week, i get what I assume to be the elapsed time between the first and last occurance of the recurring meeting. Can I get the summary task to show just the total of all the meeting times IE if each meeting is 1 hour, and there are 3 of them, 3 hours. Currently it shows something like 72 hours! Thank you

Help, am I using the correct program?

Postby VHlhdXN0b24 » Tue, 01 Jan 2008 08:21:01 GMT

I'm a subcontractor with multiple jobs that all overlap and last 
approximately 2-4 months. I'm trying to compile a master schedule for daily 
staffing purposes, along with costs for each completed task on each project. 
Each project has 30-50 tasks each with a dollar amount attached, so I would 
like to track the progress of each job and based on the scheduled completion 
of the tasks also have cost totals based on completed tasks.  Is this the 
best program?, or is this more of an excel type of function. 

Sorry, I'm not completely familiar with the program, but if it can meet my 
expectations I'm willing to invest the time to learn to use it more.

Re: Help, am I using the correct program?

Postby Rod Gill » Tue, 01 Jan 2008 08:28:45 GMT


I think I would start with Excel and use it as a prototype to see exactly 
what you need to have. Excel may meet all your needs, but if it doesn't 
Project can take over.


Rod Gill
Project MVP

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Re: Help, am I using the correct program?

Postby davegb » Tue, 01 Jan 2008 23:51:20 GMT

On Dec 30, 4:21m, Tyauston < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Project will yield much more and better information than XL, but at a
cost. The learning curve for Project, to use it properly, is steep.
You need to have a least a basic understanding of Critical Path Method
scheduling (CPM). It takes a while to learn and apply it, though the
theory itself is rather simple. Once you understand it, the schedules
you create will be much more meaningful than otherwise.

I highly recommend you find a "Intro to Project" class, probably 2
days, taught by someone who understands it. That's the tricky part.
There are a lot of "pushbutton" Project instructors, but few who
understand it. Before you sign up, talk to the instructor and ask if
they have an Project Management background and if they're familar with

Hope this helps in your world.

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