How can I resolve a security problem in project with https hyperli

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  • 1. Additional Baselines in Gantt chart
    We are using project 2003 and project server 2003. Would like to know how can we set up the gantt chart of a project to show multiple baselines? We would like to show how the project have progress as compared to let say the initial baseline and the recent baseline. This gantt chart should be seen using desktop and via project server. Do I have to post this question also in the project server group? Thank you in advance.
  • 2. % Task against ALL tasks.....
    I need to know how to see [gantt / report] the % of a given task against the total project [all tasks] regardless of % complete. I understand Primevera does this [which is why my client is asking for it] but I am simply unaware how / IF I can do this in MSP. As an additional item, can this be broken down to 'view / report' by month, as well as by total project. Thanks P.
  • 3. When I define a task by duration, the dates often do not match.
    I am a new user to microsoft project 2003. When i set a task's duration as the constraint, the dates corresponding often do not match. This is a major major problem and it is only thanks to an astute co-worker that the problem was caught. Why is this happening?
  • 4. % Complete will not update
    One of the schedulers who works for me has a problem where a value is typed into the "% Complete" field, but Project will not accept the value. Every time a value is entered the task reverts back to zero % complete. It only happens on a specific task. This problem does not occur on any other task. I have seen this happen before but never found out why it does this. What could be causing this to happen? Could it be that this task is corrupted? How do I fix the file? (NOTE: I know that some regard updating "% Complete" as the most incorrect way of updating task completion, so please no comments to that effect. Thanks!) Thanks! JJ
  • 5. PowerPoint 2003 wave devices?
    I'm getting an error that says to wait until a wave device is free and then try again when trying to play a wav file. Any suggestions?

How can I resolve a security problem in project with https hyperli

Postby amNncmllc2hhYmVy » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 12:20:00 GMT

I get a security problem every time I click on the link which starts with 
https.  How can I get the links not get the alert?

Re: How can I resolve a security problem in project with https hyperli

Postby Rod Gill » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 12:29:33 GMT

I think alerts on all Hyperlinks are a security feature of Office 2003. They 
suck because of course everyone just clicks the yes button automatically 
without reviewing what they've done, so the message is redundant.


Rod Gill
Microsoft MVP for Project
The book on Project VBA  http://www.**--****.com/ 

RE: How can I resolve a security problem in project with https hyperli

Postby SmltIEFrc2Vs » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 12:35:00 GMT

Can you be more descriptive of the error?  I placed a secure link into the 
hyperlink field on my Project 2003 machine and it worked just fine:

This sounds like it might be a browser issue.  Is it Project that is giving 
you the trouble?

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