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Duration Question Mark

Postby cassidym » Mon, 19 Nov 2007 23:44:43 GMT

What is the purpose of the question make in the Duration column and ho
do you make it disappear? 

I'm new to Project (an old hand at Access) so apologize for what i
probably a very rookie question. 

Sorry, I seem to have posted this question twice.  At least I admitte
to being a rookie.



Re: Duration Question Mark

Postby Mike Glen » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 02:46:27 GMT

Hi cassidym,

Welcome to this Microsoft Project newsgroup :)

The question mark indicates that the duration is tentative or estimated.
When you actually type in a figure for the duration, the question mark will
disappear.  Tools/Options.../Schedule tab has an option to switch this off.
However, it seems to me to be a very unnecessary facility as, after all,
aren't all the durations estimates?  If you leave the question marks there,
you can filter for uncertain durations to allow you to firm up the ones
you've missed.

FAQs, companion products and other useful Project information can be seen at
this web address:  http://www.**--****.com/ 

As a beginner, you might like to have a look at my series on Microsoft 
Project in the TechTrax ezine at this site:  http://www.**--****.com/ 
(Perhaps you'd care to rate the articles before leaving the site, :) 

Hope this helps - please let us know how you get on :)

Mike Glen
MS Project MVP

Re: Duration Question Mark

Postby John » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 02:49:24 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

The question mark simply indicates that the duration is a best guess 
estimate. You can remove it under Tools/Options/Schedule. Uncheck the 
option to "show that tasks have estimated durations".

Project MVP

Re: Duration Question Mark

Postby Mike Glen » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 03:07:55 GMT

Incidentally, I forgot to mention that you can type in the duration with a 
question mark to bring it back again.

Mike Glen
Project MVP

Re: Duration Question Mark

Postby cassidym » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 07:07:05 GMT

One more question. Somehow, I've locked my initial task so that it onl
shows it's duration as equal to the combined durations of the subtasks

When I try to extend the finish date of the primary task, I can't ge
the calendar to open. The only way I can extend the time frame is t
add another subtask or extend the last one.

Obviously, I've changed a setting that is enforcing this

Any ideas what I did and how I can rectify it



Re: Duration Question Mark

Postby JulieS » Tue, 20 Nov 2007 10:54:07 GMT

Hello cassidym,

I assume you are talking about the project summary task (line zero). 
You have done nothing incorrect.  Summary task durations are calculated 
by Project and are the span of working time from the start of the 
earliest subtask to the finish of the last subtask.  As you note, the 
only way to change the duration is to change the schedule of the 

I hope this helps.  Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

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about Microsoft Project

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