Can A Sub Project's Duration Be Changed?

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Can A Sub Project's Duration Be Changed?

Postby Q2hyaXMgTW9sbGFuZA » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 07:44:01 GMT


I would be grateful if someone could explain how to perform the following 
(if it can be done at all!)

I wish to prepare a selection of library Projects, each with a few Tasks and 
their associated Resources etc. Perhaps these could be saved as Templates. I 
then will create a Master project file and insert items from my library. I 
have called these sub-projects.

If I insert a sub-project which when defined had 3 Tasks and the total 
duration for the sub-project was, for example, 4 days - can I select the 
sub-project and override the total duration to 6 days. In effect stretching 
the individual Tasks proportionally?

I want to allow a user to pick from the library sub-projects which have been 
pre-defined in terms of Tasks and Resources but allow a global stretch or 
shrink of the sub-project duration based on experience at the time it is 
inserted into the Master project file.

Thank you.

Re: Can A Sub Project's Duration Be Changed?

Postby Jack Dahlgren » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:04:11 GMT

To change the project duration, you need to adjust the individual tasks. The 
summary reflects the durations of the tasks below it.

-Jack Dahlgren

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