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    I'm new to MS Office Project, and I've been tasked with creating some new reports/views for our MS Office Project Web Access 2003. I was able to create 2 of the 3 (I think), but the 3rd one has been problematic. I created the views via Admin > Manage Views > Add View. The 2 views that I added now appear in the list of views under the heading Project Center. However, when I go to Projects > View Projects In Project Center, the 2 new views are not in the Choose a view drop down. One of the PMs said that sometimes we have to wait overnight for things to populate on the Web Access. Is that the reason why I can't see my new views right away? Do I have to wait for a process to run overnight? Will I have to wait overnight to test any changes that I would make to these views? Or is there something else that I need to do to get them to show up in the list? Next comes my problem with the 3rd view/report. They want to see all Projects listed with Start and End dates, Work, Actual Work, and Owner. But, the tricky part is that they want this broken down by Resource. In the Add View page, I can get all the fields I need in the Project Center view type EXCEPT for resource. If I use the Resource Center veiw type, I can't seem to get the project fields. Is there a way to do this report? I also tried experimenting with the Portfolio Analyzer, but I couldn't seem to get this report that they want. Thanks so much! Joanna
  • 2. Task Templates
    I've entered several specific types of pipe as material resources. I currently have milestones set up under each task which correspond to the dates at which the pipe will be installed. For distant future tasks (outside of 6 months), the pipe type, amount, and install dates are fairly consistent based on location. Is there a way besides a macro that I can standardize this information by location? Thanks!
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    How can I add multiple Notes Body areas to the Notes Master Page
  • 4. Sensible limits for subprojects?
    Hi, I'm (still!) using Project 2000 and have a project file that breaks down into around 30 distinct 'work packages'. I need to devolve ownership of these work packages to individual project managers, so splitting the single project file into a master and subprojects seems to be the way to go. This will allow the work packages to be managed as seperate files and will show each project manager the dependencies they have within the overall project but external to their own work package. Each subproject will be relatively small (probably around 100 activities) and there will be a shared resource pool of approximately 80 resources. My question is: Is this a reasonable way to proceed, or am I likely to hit problems with this many subprojects and/or resources shared across them? Any advice or comments from experience most welcome. Thanks, Matt
  • 5. Multiple Resource Pools vs. Multiple Calenders
    Hello, I have an MPD file containing approximately 30 projects which I intend to resource level regularly in order to achieve two outcomes; a) manage assigned peoples time across multiple projects b) schedule a machine's use across multiple projects I am unsure which is the best course to take with the combination of Resource pools and calenders to achieve this. I would like to know how MS Project manages levelling resources (i.e. how it will split the times after levelling, etc..) under the following circumstances; 1) one resource pool & two calenders (i.e. normal default calender [1] all people resources & 24 hours calender [2] for machines) 2) two resource pools (i.e. one pool for people resources with [1] calender & another pool with [2] calender) Further I would like to know if there are any other considerations/variables that I should be aware of. I would be greatful for any advice, Many thanks, eugene

change the legend in Project

Postby SmhhbGw » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 07:57:01 GMT

I know I was able to change the items in the legend before, but I can't 
remember now.

I need to delete some of the legend items in my Gantt chard that are not 
used in the actual schedule. To avoid confusion 

Re: change the legend in Project

Postby Jim Spiller » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:38:29 GMT

Go to Format-Bar Styles and put an asterisk (*) before the Name of the ones 
that you don't want to appear in the legend.

Or delete them...

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