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  • 1. Change task status automatically when % complete changes?
    I am hoping to find a way to have my "task status" change automatically when the "% complete" field has any value/% entered into it. So to clarify right now in task status I have several options (not started, in progress, complete) I would like to be able to have the "task status" field automatically change to "not started" when the "% complete" field is blank and when any percentage/value is entered in the "% complete" then have the "task status" field change to "in progress" and lastly when the "% complete" field has a value of 100% in it have the "task status" field change to "complete". Is this possible?
  • 2. Selective levelling
    For example: I have Resource1 assigned to Task1 and Task2 and resource level this as per normal.. I also have Resource1 and Resource2 both assigned to Task3. (All tasks repeated several times) Now, is it possible to level such that I get the normal levelling on Task1 and Task2. But only level based upon overallocations of Resource2 on Task3 and ignore overallocations of Resource1 on this task. I hope I have explained my question properly. Thanks
  • 3. Duration of Customer Date Fields
    Hello. I have a project plan that I am using 2 custom date fields. I want to calculate the duration of these 2 date fields and I cannot seem to get the actual duration, but I am able to get the variance using ProjDateDiff([Date31,Date2]). I would think that this is a simple solution, but I am not able to solve it. I also created a new date field (Date3) (Date1 minus one day) ProjDateSub([Date1],1) and then used the same ProjDateDiff([Date3],[Date2]) but that came up with the same variance as before. Is there anyway to get the actual duration of 2 custom date fields?
  • 4. Summary tasks double costs
    Hi, I have entered the cost rate for each resouce into the resource sheet. In my Cost table it calculates the cost per task depending on the cost rate for the resoucre I have assigned. That is correct. But in my summary task line it seems to double that cost. Can someone please tell me what I need to change to fix this? Thanks

change the legend in Project

Postby SmhhbGw » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 07:57:01 GMT

I know I was able to change the items in the legend before, but I can't 
remember now.

I need to delete some of the legend items in my Gantt chard that are not 
used in the actual schedule. To avoid confusion 

Re: change the legend in Project

Postby Jim Spiller » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:38:29 GMT

Go to Format-Bar Styles and put an asterisk (*) before the Name of the ones 
that you don't want to appear in the legend.

Or delete them...

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