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  • 1. Importing from Excell Problem
    I am importing a project from Excel 2003 to Project Pro 2003. I have selected the name of the worksheet (tab on bottom of screen) in the field for source worksheet name. Yet everytime I say finish I get: "The source worksheet name is required. One or more of the source worksheet name fields are blank. A worksheet name is required for importing data." I have deleted all the other worksheets from my file (including the standard 2 extra ones that are in each file.) -- Joann
  • 2. % Complete based on number of tasks completed.....
    im trying to change the formula for the % complete or make a customized field to calculate % complete of a project based on the number of completed tasks in that project. For example Task1 Subtask1 Subtask2 Task2 Subtask1 Subtask2 Now given a format like that I ud like % complete to compute so that each task contitutes of the total percentage in the project, in this case Task1 + Task2 = 100, so if task one is complete the project shud stand at 50% so that if there is any change in the time taken for the particular task the total percentage complete is not affected. Tha Subtasks shud be a part of the Tasks and the percentage of the Tasks completed shud be calculated from the Subtasks completion. So that if Subtask1 is complete then Task1 should stand at 50 percent. I hope its clear what Im trying to accomplish. Any suggestions as to how i might go abt doing this will be highly appreciated. I have to solve this in 3 days time and i must add that Im a novice at using this software. Thanks in advance.
  • 3. Is there a way to remove start/finish & constraint dates once ente
    I will try to explain how my project is set up so that you will understand what I'm trying to do and maybe help me better. My projects are based on submittals to the city and county. So I have taks that last one or two weeks alternating with my submittals which I have entered as single day tasks. The submittals have a must start on constraint of the submittal date. I am trying to set up the tasks that are inbetween the submittals so that their duration automatically adjusts based on the submittal date. No matter what constraints I put on those tasks it either moves the beginning of the task but pushes the end past my submittal or moves the end but pushes the beginning past the previous submittal. Can someone please instruct me how to attach the beginning of my task to the task before it AND the end of the task to the task after it? Also once you enter start/finish dates on a task it seems impossible to clear those fields. Is this possible?
  • 4. Link to Report has changed
    Running Project 2003 and somehow all of the reports in View-Reports-Assignments area ALL come back as the Project Summary report. On earlier versions of the same project, all the reports worked fine. Any ideas how my user may have inadvertantly altered the path to report area and how we can fix it back? Where are the report templates stored? The user has made to many edits to just forget this version and go back to the earlier one. Thank you!

change the legend in Project

Postby SmhhbGw » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 07:57:01 GMT

I know I was able to change the items in the legend before, but I can't 
remember now.

I need to delete some of the legend items in my Gantt chard that are not 
used in the actual schedule. To avoid confusion 

Re: change the legend in Project

Postby Jim Spiller » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:38:29 GMT

Go to Format-Bar Styles and put an asterisk (*) before the Name of the ones 
that you don't want to appear in the legend.

Or delete them...

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