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    I'm getting the error message in the "subject" line when I start Microsoft Project 2002. I click on "OK" to clear the error message, and can work normally with the application, however I would like to fix this nuisance problem if possible. This error situation also adds a line to my menu bar with one blank gray box and one blank white box which I can't remove via the "Customize" option. Please let me know if you have any advice regarding how to resolve this problem. Thanks. -- Gary Grathen Ormond Beach FL
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    I have one resource who is running 2 projects at a time. The only date constraint on my projects is a "start as soon as possible" constraint. When I allocate the resource on the projects, if there are some tasks which were previously (i.e. before I assigned a resource) set on the same day, instead of changing one date, Project makes my resource work 16 hours a day : 8h on project A plus 8h on project B. What to I have to do for it to re-schedule the projects? Thank you.
  • 3. Create a master project with read only on subprojects
    I create my master project by choosing the third option when I open my shared resource pool so I am sure to pull in all projects using the shared resource pool. However, I only want to run reports on this master project, not update the subprojects and I do not want to prevent others from updating their subproject while I am doing reporting on the master project. Is there any way to create a master project with the subprojects set to read only instead of update? Thanks! -- BarbO

change the legend in Project

Postby SmhhbGw » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 07:57:01 GMT

I know I was able to change the items in the legend before, but I can't 
remember now.

I need to delete some of the legend items in my Gantt chard that are not 
used in the actual schedule. To avoid confusion 

Re: change the legend in Project

Postby Jim Spiller » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:38:29 GMT

Go to Format-Bar Styles and put an asterisk (*) before the Name of the ones 
that you don't want to appear in the legend.

Or delete them...

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