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    Does MS Project 2007 automatically flag a holiday that falls on the weekend to the prior/following work day or is this something that I can change? Example, July 4, 2010 was marked as a holiday, but it is showing up as July 5 being a non-working day for the holiday. The same thing happens for Christmas
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    I am trying to plan a project in MSP 2003 and I want all tasks to revolve around a milestone. This milestone has predessors and sucsessors. I want to drag the milestone to the left and right and have all connected tasks move with it keeping the same number of days between the tasks both in front and behind. i.e. the milestone has a task that has to happen 2 weeks before and some that have to happen 6 weeks. Also there are tasks that have to happen 3 weeks after etc etc. I have around 30 predessors and 25 sucsessors, i.e. a lot of dependances. What is the easiest way to do this? Many thanks for the help Ben

change the legend in Project

Postby SmhhbGw » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 07:57:01 GMT

I know I was able to change the items in the legend before, but I can't 
remember now.

I need to delete some of the legend items in my Gantt chard that are not 
used in the actual schedule. To avoid confusion 

Re: change the legend in Project

Postby Jim Spiller » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:38:29 GMT

Go to Format-Bar Styles and put an asterisk (*) before the Name of the ones 
that you don't want to appear in the legend.

Or delete them...

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