Looking for nt 4 migration to active directory project template

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    Hi M J, I suggest you contact Microsoft Support. Mike Glen Project MVP "MJ Schien" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:114f901c41694$9f8c4f00$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > I am trying to install project 2002 onto a computer (98se) > that was once running project 98. Project 98 was removed > as a monitored install of Cleansweep. When I try to > install 2002, a message appears saying that a previous > version of project exists and that it must be removed > using Windows Add/Remove software. Project 98 does not > appear in that list. > > I found the original project 98 CD and re-installed and > did a Windows Add/Remove with no errors. 2002 still thinks > there is a previous version on my computer. > > Any ideas what 2002 is looking at to make this > determination?
  • 2. Grid controls not displayed
    Hi. I recently got asked to reactivate an old instatllation of ProjectCentral 2000 on a machine running Windows 2000 Professional. The machine functions as a server and DSL connection, and this is about the last application running directly on it (except for the Norton Antivirus). Once I had gotten the IIS running again (no mean feat, because of corrupted binary files), I was able (with Microsoft's help) to get the ProjectCentral webpages to display over the internet. I loaded in the proper project file (for a medium size conference in October) and tested it out. A number of the pages display correctly, but many do not. I was told by Microsoft that this was "Grid Controls not Displayed" problem, and that, since I had run out of free support, I should wander over here. In a nutshell, when certain pages are opened, I get an "error on page" message, and IE locks up. I've tried deleting the .ocx files in "downloaded program files" and it doesn't fix the problem. Windows 2000 is uptodate, Project and ProjectCentral are SR1, with the security patch. I've also updated MDE with the big update. Any ideas?
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    I am having an issue when using a projector and the LCD on my IBM 2378DLU ThinkPad. The Project App. exits and requests to send an error report. I reinstalled and patched the app without success in correcting the problem. Any ideas? Thanks, Sean

Looking for nt 4 migration to active directory project template

Postby S2F0aHk » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 08:36:05 GMT

I'm looking for a MS Project 2002 project plan for migrating from an NT 4 
domain to a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain.

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John Pittner

"Gani" wrote:

> G'day
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> -- 
> Gani

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