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  • 1. Problem: Team Leads Cannot Delegate Tasks
    Hi, How do I set up Project Server security & RBS for a Team Lead group so they can delegate tasks? We have a team lead group in our company that needs to be able to delegate tasks to others within their departments. When attempting to delegate a task they get an error message saying they do not have permissons to see the assignments of other resources. The Team Leads can access the "Delegation option from the View My Tasks window, but cannot see anyone else in their department to delegate a task to. We have an RBS defined and Team Leads are generally on "leaf nodes", while the Resource Managers are on the next up root node. The Team Leads group is assigned to the My Projects & My Resources security categories. Assign Resource, View Enterprise Resource Information gategory permissons are set. Delegate Task, Build Team From Enterprise global permissions are set. I thought about creating another root node between the Resource Managers and Team Members but Leads Need to be able to delegate tasks to other Team Leads so this probably would not work.
  • 2. Automating Multiple OLAP Cube Builds From Same Instance
    We have a requirement for which we would like to automate two separate OLAP cube builds in the same installation(instance) of MSPS03. First cube would have narrower date range and would be build every night. The second cube would have broader date range and would run once in a week. Currently, MSPS03 only allows setting up of only one schedule build per instance. Is there is way where we can schedule automate multiple OLAP cube builds from single instance?
  • 3. Different Rates with same Effective Date
    Hi, I want to assign different Rates for a single enterprise resource, with same effective date, on different projects. Here is what I want to do: Suppose a resource A is working on two support project. The Projects are for whole year starting Jan 1st and ending Dec 31st. In Project 1 the rate is 50 and in project B the rate is 75. How can I do that? If it is not possible, please some one confirm Any response will be highly appreciated. Regards,
  • 4. How do I adjust the Pivot Table field list values?
    I'm creating an ad hoc view in Project Web Access and Project Server 2003. From the Portfolio Analyzer I've selected "Analyze projects in the portfolio analyzer" and I've selected "Ad hoc". My problem is this. When I drag the field table parameter "Time" to my view it only goes out to Q3 2005. I need it to go further out in time. If I click on the drop down for the "Years" parameter, I can see that it is only provisioned through Q3 2005. But I can't see where to adjust that. Where is the outline code (or whatever the control is) for that value and how can I adjust it to go into 2006? Any suggestions would be appreciated. John Moses SW Development Manager Cisco Systems Inc. Richardson Texas

Re: PWA not working

Postby Gary L. Chefetz [MVP] » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 02:44:04 GMT


First try upgrading MDAC to 2.8 on the offending machine. I recommend making
2.8 your standard all the way around.


Gary Chefetz [MVP]
We wrote the book on Project Server

Project Pro2003 which have been published to the Project Server.  When I try
to view the 'Projects' via PWA, I receive a page that says, "Loading Data"
and then it goes back to my Home page.  The behavior occurs when I try to
view my 'Tasks'.  However, when I logon to another workstation in the same
domain, I able to view the 'Tasks' and 'Projects' with no problem.  All of
the machines I am using are Win2k Pro sp4 using IE6 sp1.  Anyone have any
ideas what may be causing this problem?

Re: PWA not working

Postby RGFu » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 05:01:07 GMT

Thanks, Gary.  I will try that, however I am sure that the workstation that worked does not have 2.8.  Also, should I update the server as well


Re: PWA not working

Postby RGFu » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 05:21:08 GMT

Gary, upgrading MDAC to 2.8 on the problem machine worked.  Thanks!  Should I update it on the project server as well


Re: PWA not working

Postby Gary L. Chefetz [MVP] » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 08:28:16 GMT

As I said, all the way around! That means servers and clients.


Gary Chefetz [MVP]
We wrote the book on Project Server

Should I update it on the project server as well.

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