jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

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    I am making a postcard for advertising. 2 pblms. 1) How do I print over a downloaded photo. 2) If each side of the post card is on different publisher pages; how do I get the pgm to create a 2 sided postcard.
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    are there any of the above for i am doing a brochure for a project and would like to make it realistic as in the papers
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    Has anyone succeeded in using with MS-Publisher. Right now we end up doing two rounds of printing...once for the address/postage and then for the actual document. Any leads will be most appreciated. We just spent more than an hour with's tech line and got nowhere (after waiting 45 minutes for help).
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    Hello. I hope I can finally find the answer I need here. Briefly, at my previous employment my employer allowed me use of the office computer to create a brochure for my own (separate) business on MS Publisher, but I don't know which version it was. It could have been MS Pub 2000 or 2002. I got laid off from that job almost two years ago, but I took the .pub file with me, only I can't find a computer to open it on. I tried to open it at Kinko's and got the "cannot open older version" message (which, thanks to reading this group, I believe is probably a Norton issue. Kinko's doesn't exactly allow you to mess with Norton on their computers). My home computer is running Pub 97, which, naturally, won't open it, either. I would be happy to buy the correct version, only I don't know which version originally created the file. I'm only running Win98 at home. I see some of you are offering to convert the file. If that is a possibility in my case, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  • 5. Publisher 2000 installation cannot find qualifying product
    I have been using Office 2000 Premium (upgrade from Office 97) for several years without having originally installed Publisher 2000 from Disk 2. Yesterday I tried to install Publisher 2000 and received an error message that I do not have a qualifying product. I had no problem installing PhotoDraw from disk 3. According to MS Office 2000 is no longer supported even though I never used the Publisher component. Thanks in advance. CHW

jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby RG9ubmE » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:58:04 GMT

Why does a JPEG picture appear blurry in my Publisher document yet when I 
insert the same JPEG picture into a Word document it is crystal clear? What 
am I doing wrong? 

Re: jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby Ed Bennett » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:10:13 GMT

Check the options in View > Pictures. Is the setting at "Fast Resize and 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

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