jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

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    How do I prevent the Format Publication box from popping every time I open a new document in MS Pub 2007? Thanks.
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    There is a logo on my file and when I print it out it is coming out as a solid black square. Why is this?
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    Hi! I am using Publisher 2000 and I am printing to a HP 6127 LaserJet Color Printer. My problems is this: I am creating a brochure, 8.5 by 11, landscape and have set the margins to .3. My printer has nonprinting margins of .25. When I print the brochure the top, bottom and left margins are just fine, but the right margin is approx 1/2 inch. Nothing I do will correct it so it is .3 there also. I have tried to set margins to .5 but it just shifts the right margin even farther (like to .75). I thought it was a printer problem and so I typed up a Word doc and set it for .25 margins and it printed just fine on all 4 sides. Does anyone have any ideas? I have checked to make sure I have the latest printer drivers and also check Microsoft site for updates. I only found Office 2000 updates and did upload those. I did not find anything specific to Publisher 2000. Thanks for any help you can give me.

jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby RG9ubmE » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:58:04 GMT

Why does a JPEG picture appear blurry in my Publisher document yet when I 
insert the same JPEG picture into a Word document it is crystal clear? What 
am I doing wrong? 

Re: jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby Ed Bennett » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:10:13 GMT

Check the options in View > Pictures. Is the setting at "Fast Resize and 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

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