jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

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    I read pervious post on this topic and tried the suggestions to use either the side fold and just change the heigth and width. But it's bigger than the max that is allowed, and I need 2 page not 4. I'm using publisher 98 When I do this it makes the template into a small area and when I print it. It prints wrong. I have store brought Matte Half Fold Greeting Cards to print the cards on. I need to be able to make an 8.5x5.5 Half-Fold. Is there any templates or advice on how to achieve this. I need to have these cards done by April 13,2007 Thanks for any advice
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jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby RG9ubmE » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:58:04 GMT

Why does a JPEG picture appear blurry in my Publisher document yet when I 
insert the same JPEG picture into a Word document it is crystal clear? What 
am I doing wrong? 

Re: jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby Ed Bennett » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:10:13 GMT

Check the options in View > Pictures. Is the setting at "Fast Resize and 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

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