jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

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  • 1. How do get a picture in publisher to print on only one page?
    I have clip art I have downloaded to publisher. It shows on one page when I am working with it but when I go to print the image shows up in the corner of 4 pages. I am a rookie with this so sorry if this sounds too easy.
  • 2. Hidden Font?
    Hi, in my most recent publication I had tried a new font 'Myriad Pro' then removed it and chose another. When I check my publication over for Commercial Printing this Font is shown as not being able to Embed amongst my other embedded fonts. I've looked through the 24 pages but cannot see where this font is still being used. Any idea's on a way to track it's where abouts in my publication would be appreciated. Thanks. Phil Maznyk
  • 3. Losing printing setup on reopening documents
    I have Windows XP Pro. I have used Publisher for many years. But just this week upgraded to Publisher 2007. I have some landscaped, two sided documents that I am working on. Everytime I get ready to print, the printing setup has to be changed to landscape and the duplex option chosen again. I thought by clicking "print to file" it would fix the problem and save the document like I want it to print. But it doesn't work for the documents that are turned landscape. Also, I don't understand why I am having two screens open when I print. In the old Publisher only my printer screen would open. Now, a Publisher screen opens and then I have to open my printer screen for other options. Is there a way to stop that first screen from opening? It doesn't happen in Word. I don't want to have to change all this setup stuff every single time I want to print. I've tried everything that I know of to make it save.
  • 4. Help Opening Publisher 2007 file in 2000 version
    Help !! I have been sent a publisher 2007 document and cannot open it at all with my publisher 2000, is there a file conversion download or anything?
  • 5. html code fragment won't allow font style change
    The default font is Times New Roman, 10 pt. I'd like to be able to change it to arial or verdana 6 or 8 point. I've tried to do this using the font style change, but when I click on it nothing happens. Any ideas? -- it's always somethin'............

jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby RG9ubmE » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:58:04 GMT

Why does a JPEG picture appear blurry in my Publisher document yet when I 
insert the same JPEG picture into a Word document it is crystal clear? What 
am I doing wrong? 

Re: jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby Ed Bennett » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:10:13 GMT

Check the options in View > Pictures. Is the setting at "Fast Resize and 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

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