jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

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    I seem to have a problem with Publisher. For the last few weeks if i try to work with a document my system will get very slow. it starts out fine, but then when i create a text box of image box the system will seem to freeze for a long time. this problem first started in Publisher, now it is beginning to do the same thing in Outlook, when i open an email (no images associated), and sometimes Word. it is as if all the system resources were being used, but when i check that it shows to be ok. I have run detect and repair on all these apps, and have all the latest updates and service packs. Any ideas? thanks bob
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    I am using Publisher 2003 and an HP Photosmart 7660 printer. I am trying to print on precut paper which is 5.5x8.5" I follow the directions for setting up custom paper sizes, but when I am in publisher the custom form does not appear. However, the custom form is set up in the printerand does show up when not in Publisher. Any suggestions? Also is there some sort of work around?
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jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby RG9ubmE » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 00:58:04 GMT

Why does a JPEG picture appear blurry in my Publisher document yet when I 
insert the same JPEG picture into a Word document it is crystal clear? What 
am I doing wrong? 

Re: jpeg picture appears blurry in a Publisher document

Postby Ed Bennett » Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:10:13 GMT

Check the options in View > Pictures. Is the setting at "Fast Resize and 

Ed Bennett - MVP Microsoft Publisher

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