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    Since last Saturday I have had trouble sending email through Eudora (pd version The process times out. I am on AOL but had no trouble until then. Port setting is at 587 as it should be. There is no problem bringing mail in. I do not have AOL mail programmed in, just my personal and business domain email. There are two things that happened last weekend that might have had an effect. The first is that my router died and I am no plugged directly into the dsl modem. The second is that I tried to re-activate Msgtag. It wasn't recognizing my Eudora accounts so I closed it out. I have re-entered all the account information (properties) thinking that might do it, but no luck. Are there some settings in Windows somewhere that might need to be changed? Needless to say, AOL has been no help on the issue. They know less about open mail access than I do. It is important to note again that I had no troubles before this past weekend. I am on AOL 9.0se and Windows 98se. I have also tried to set up Outlook to see if it would send but have the same problem. The router is back up and working fine, so I have to assume it was Mstag that changed something somewhere. My frustration level is at the max. I sure hope someone can help. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AOL 16.4156.5000 US (a) 9.0 Optimized SE Windows 98se
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    Actually, the poster is Lawrence Glasser ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM who goes by the name of "i like little girls if you get what i mean" real name Lawrence Glasser ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ). lar larry His only purpose, in life, appears to be trolling newsgroups and posting nonsensical statements. One of life's little mosquitos. he has been reported case #lar90019252079350 Lawrence Glasser ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ). LARRY lar John

position of add on Eudora page

Postby Carol Lee Smith » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 01:17:52 GMT

Is there a way to put the advertising square back on the side where it
used to be?  It is now in a very broad horizontal band across the top, and
I have very little room to read messages.

I am not sure if changing to Eudora 6. is responsible for this.

Re: position of add on Eudora page

Postby Katrina Knight » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 13:37:37 GMT

That sounds like you've got it docked at the top. Have you tried dragging 
it to a more appropriate location? That should be all you need to do. 

If you can't get it to move, you can reset the windows and toolbars by 
closing Eudora and deleting the line Commercial32Version=16 from 



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