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  • 1. Eurora doesn't remove my messages
    I am using public computers. I installed Eudora for Windows, and used it once. After I read all mails, Eudora keeps all of them in local hard disk. I tried to remove them finding an option such as cache amount in a web browser, but I didn't find yet. How can I remove Eudora's saved mails? I am afraid of removing Mails in my mail server when I delete mails.(there are some 'delete' menu item in Eudora, but I didn't yet tried them)
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    I'm using Eudora As messages come in, I hear a sound alert and check to see which are new. With other e-mail clients, the new message is usually at the top (or bottom) and is displayed in bold. With Eudora, they seem to be randomly placed and the header is in plain text. So I have to waste time trying to locate whatever just came in. I realize that if a message comes in with an earlier date, it will not be the last in the column, but I'm wondering how I can configure Eudora to highlight those that are unread or to display only those that are unread. Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • 3. Lost Email
    Eudora for Windows Paid Mode Two big problems: 1. As posted earlier, Eudora checks for email, I see progress bar and message countdown, and then nothing. 2. To compound this, I have set Eudora to leave messages on server, but it continues to remove them, which is really scary. Where did these email messages go? I also tried disabling NAV email checking, but it didn't help. Please advise, Ivan
  • 4. Eudora Frozen: Waiting in the task queue to be started...
    Here's one for the experts: Eudora paid version ( was failing to start on this Windows XP (SP2) desktop. I was thinking that something had become 'broken' so I upgraded to (, which is the currently available upgrade on Eudora's website. As before, the program just hangs after startup, with the "Task" listed as "recovering mail" and the "Status" listed as Waiting in the task queue to be started". Any suggestions? Here is the log from the most recent attempt: Mon Sep 26 11:32:38 2005 Version LogLevel 25759 (0x649F) Mode 2 MAIN 128: 0.00 Leeway 10, Out: MBX 1127530385, TOC 1127530418 MAIN 128: 0.00 Out .mbx size: MBX 27568764, TOC 27568765 MAIN 128: 0.00 Leeway 10, Junk: MBX 1127668344, TOC 1127668345 MAIN 128: 0.00 Junk .mbx size: MBX 689760, TOC 689761 MAIN 128: 0.00 Leeway 10, In: MBX 1127685058, TOC 1127685058 MAIN 128: 0.00 In .mbx size: MBX 20991703, TOC 20991704 MAIN 128: 0.01 LOGNULL JJFileMT::Open() C:\Program Files\Eudora\In.mbx, Size: 20991703 MAIN 128: 0.01 LOGNULL JJFileMT::Close() C:\Program Files\Eudora\In.mbx, Size: 20991703
  • 5. attachments & embedded ??
    In Options / Attachments, among other things, it says this: Delete Automatic Attachments: When message emptied from Trash is checked. Up above that, it says Attachment Directory: Put text attachments in body of message is checked. I just noticed I do *not* have Delete attachments when emptying Trash checked in that section. I just checked it, not knowing what's going to happen now. Are there two kinds of attachments? If so, are the "Automatic Attachments" the ones that are in the body of the message? Here's my problem: I have many hundreds of emails that never get trashed. They are in two "Inactive" folders at the bottom of the list of Mailboxes. 1. Is the embedded material in the email? Is it also still in the Eudora Embedded folder? 2. Is there some way to save emails outside of the Eudora program and still have the embedded and attachment content part of the messages? Feel free to answer this with simple Yes or No's - I know darned well I've asked this question before. Still trying to get rid of those HUGE attachment and embedded folders. Marge

Removing Quote bars

Postby Edw. Peach » Fri, 04 Nov 2005 00:25:47 GMT

I have a few contacts whose REPLY letters contain some of that
vertical colored quote bars, which I am totally unable to remove
unless I clear the entire text content first (I often respond to
longer  letters right from the text) or by starting a totally new
letter.  Oddly, I have no problem with other letters.  It seems to be
connected to individual contacts, perhaps the type of email program
they are using?

Is there any solution to this problem?

I use the sponsored mode, V.


Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby henryp » Fri, 04 Nov 2005 03:32:28 GMT

Edit->Text->Remove Quote Level

-- henry

Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby kerchmcc » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 00:24:11 GMT

And my personal favorite:  Just the key strokes:
Cntrl +  .
(Control and peroid)
removes the bars from highlighted text.  Press once for each level of
bar to remove

Cntrl + >
puts the bars back in.  


Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby George » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 03:07:42 GMT

Isn't the [CTRL] + [ . ] and the [CTRL] + [ > ] the same thing?  Or do you 
have to also press the [SHIFT] key when doing the latter?

Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby Ann » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:19:19 GMT

On 03 Nov 2005 18:07:42 EST, "George" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Yes, hit the shift key too.


Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby David G. Imber » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 11:38:59 GMT

On Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:25:47 -0500, Edw. Peach < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

	Many others have responded with the standard ways to remove
quote bars. But if I'm reading your message correctly, you're saying
that you've encountered some bars that you could not clear with the
standard methods.

	I have, and I think it's because the original sender's mail is
rendered in HTML. The bars seem irremovable. I think I know why this
occurs, but am not sure, so there's no sense in speculating.

	I've handled this creatively, depending upon the
circumstances. I've cut the entire message and replaced it as
unformatted text in one case. I opened it in Thunderbird in one case,
which handles replies differently. 

	The short answer is that I think you have to improvise,
because the standard methods do not work.

	However, in some cases I could not use the keyboard shortcut,
but if I went to EDIT/TEXT/REMOVE ONE QUOTE LEVEL, it worked. I can't
explain this, as one would think that the keyboard shortcut and the
menu item attached to it work exactly the same way.

	Sorry I couldn't offer a definitive answer.


Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby kerchmcc » Sun, 06 Nov 2005 09:13:40 GMT

I'm wondering if you might be able to get rid of bars that were quoted
from an earlier mail using the Remove Formating Button on the eudora
tool bar.. or  Edit | text | Clear formatting?

Not sure.. but it's worth a try.


Re: Removing Quote bars

Postby Katrina Knight » Sun, 13 Nov 2005 02:29:00 GMT

There are two reasons why bars appeared when text is quoted. One is that
the bars are the excerpt bars used when format=flowed is being used.
That's what the instructions that a couple of people have already given 
apply to. If you don't like excerpt bars, you can turn them off by 
changing some settings. If you only see bars some of the time when 
replying, it sounds like you've already turned them off. The other is that 
they're html block quoting. That would seem to be the likely cause if you 
only see it some of the time. 

To get rid of html block quoting, you need to get rid of the html. You can 
either clear the formatting from the original message before replying, and 
save the message that way then reply or you can reply then clear the 
formatting. If you do the latter, you'll probably have to insert quote 
markers yourself if you want them. 

There's nothing odd about it. The email client used by the sender isn't 
directly responsible. Whether or not they send the message with html or as 
plain text is what makes the difference. 

Are you sure that it is really a problem at all? If the original sender is 
using html to start with, I would guess that he or she doesn't mind 
getting it back. If it is being sent to other people as well, that might 
be an issue though. If you always want to send plain text, tell Eudora to 
always send plain text and what is sent will be plain text regardless of 
what you see when composing. If the problem is that you really don't like 
seeing it in the composition window, then using "clear formatting" to get 
rid of the html is the way to deal with it. Some people find that worth 
bothering to do, some don't. 


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