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    I have 3 personalities in Eudora. Two go to the same server and I have them working okay at long last. The third is comcast.net. I just tried to send a test message from that personality and, of course, something is wrong. I am trying to find that message so I can delete it because everytime I try to shut down, I get the message I have a message to send what do I want to do. I have gone through every box in each personality and Eudora. I can't find that message. Any suggestions on where it is? Thanks.
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    Anyone is able to copy and paste on the right side of the Address Book (Nickname, Name, First Name, Last Name, e-mail address using WindowsME?
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    This problem has been discussed a number of times, and I have reviewed those posts, but something still does not make sense. Several times, I have had a virus detected in incoming mail by Norton Anti Virus (I do not have "scan e-mail", but rather just have it look at all files as they are accessed or created) and ultimately the in.mbx or junk.mbx gets quarantined. The explanation here has generally been that since the e-mail has been added to the .mbx, NAV has no choice but to quarantine the entire .mbx file. But that does not seem to be what is actually happening. Today I received a netsky.p e-mail and my junk.mbx was quarantined (no great loss in this case), BUT before that, NAV had detected, quarantined and deleted the SAME e-mail twice. First as \eudora\spool\RCVE.tmp, then as \eudora\spool\58E423B.RCV. It would seem that Eudora is spooling the e-mail, and that NAV is catching the problem and deleting the spooled file. But Eudora seems to ignore that and pull the same file out of its magic hat again (perhaps from an in-memory version?). Why is the file not disappearing the first or second time that NAV deletes it????? I appreciate any help, Alan
  • 4. suddenly, all emails are junk score 100!
    Suddenly, about 2 hours ago, Eudora started to decide that all my new incoming emails have a junk score of 100. This includes emails from friends, mail from mailing lists, etc, emails that previously were scored 0 or perhaps *occasionally* 1. I get a lot of email, I'm POPing a bunch of different email address and filtering with dozens of filters into dozens of folders. This is happening to ALL my email. I've been all over my UserJunkDB.txt file and I can't find any obvious reason for this (such as it including my email address, or my ISPs mail server address). My UserJunkDB is huge (when I try to import it into Excel to sort it, it only imports up to the r's, and that's 65k entries), and while not as effective as I'd like, junking it entirely and retraining it is not an option I'm interested in, especially because this could just happen again. Is there anyway to tell which entry in the junk file triggers a score? jc
  • 5. hyperlink not available
    I have Eudora paid mode, running on windows xp, on a pc. When I click on edit, then on text, "make hyperlink" is grayed out. As far as I can tell, it is always unavailable as an option for me. Suggestions?

550 Authentication Error

Postby Mike Kirkpatrick » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 07:31:00 GMT

I'm trying to use Eudora to send and receive email from an account other
than my ISP. In Outlook I can do this by setting my outgoing mail server to
my ISP server and then selecting the "My outgoing server requires
authentication" option. This prompts me for the user name and password for
for my ISP account.

With Eudora, under Getting Started, I can select Allow Authentication but I
am never asked for a user name and password. I recieve the "550 relaying
mail to <domain name> is not allowed" error.


Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby daniel12 » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 10:18:58 GMT

In article <E8BXa.493$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  says...

  Which ISP are you logged on to?
  What is your mail server configured to?

  You must logon to the ISP you wish to send through.

  Logon to the ISP where your SMTP / return address is configured to.

  You are *probably* connected to one ISP with your mail server or
  return address configured to another, this is a common anti-spam
  preventative by ISP's to keep unathorized users from using their
  mail servers to distribute SPAM.

  550 Relay Denied Error


  You most likely have an ISP which is now requiring SMTP Authentication.
  You will need to Upgrade to Eudora 4.3+
  Eudora 4.2.2 with the following lines added to the Eudora.ini file
  in the [Settings] section.

  Eudora SMTP Authentication
  Over and Out
  Daniel Jacobson

Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby Mike Kirkpatrick » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 10:50:43 GMT

I'm clearly missing the crux of the issue. I am connected to my Verizon DSL
service. No problems getting to my Verizon account. I can access my other
email account from Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape Mail but not with
Eudora. The problem is that I need to authenticate so that I can relay mail.
All of them are configure to use outgoing.verizon.net as the SMTP server.
However, I don't see anyplace in Eudora where I can enter any
authentication. As I said, in Outlook, when I select the authentication
check box, it then asks what my Verizon user name and password are. At no
time does Eudora ask so what is it authenticating with?

So when I select Allow Authentication from the Getting Started tab, what is
supposed to happen? I'm using Eudora 5.2.1 Light and am not about to pay for
it if I can't use other email accounts.


 XXXX@XXXXX.COM  says...
but I

Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby Jennifer Mullen » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:42:22 GMT

In <T3EXa.5644$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Eudora will use the authentiation information that you have provided for
the incoming mail server. For what you want, you should look into the
version 6 betas ( http://www.**--****.com/ ) for the "relay personality"
feature. This will do what you want.

Alternately, you could create a personality just for sending mail.


Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby Mike Kirkpatrick » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 14:31:30 GMT


Maybe this needs to be more remedial for me. Here's the new config. I have
downloaded Eudora My ISP is Verizon. I'm trying to get mail from
another domain, let's call it foo.com. I only have one account configured in
Eudora. It's looking at pop.foo.com for incoming mail which works fine. This
requires a user name and password which are configured. I have
outgoing.verizon.net as my SMTP server. However, I don't see any place that
I can put a DIFFERENT user name and password to authenticate this with
either during the configuration or when sending the email. Under the
"Sending Mail" tab I have selected Allow authentication and under SMTP
replay personality I have tried both "none" and "<{*filter*}>" both of which
seem to behave the same. I can't find any documentation on this feature. Can
I configure a personality? Is there some simple toggle switch I'm not seeing
that makes this work?

The exact error I get is:
<{*filter*}>, 1 messages left to send., RCPT TO: XXXX@XXXXX.COM  [10:16:29
Can't send to ". The server gives the reason: '550 relaying mail to
hotmail.com is not allowed'.

I would be willing to blame it on Verizon but both Netscape Mail and Outlook
work fine. They just suck as email clients.


Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby Han » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 20:33:43 GMT

I pre-6 Eudora, the way to do this was to generate a sending personality 
(Foo.com via Verizon) with all info necessary to send as a VZ account.  
Only the reply-to address should be foo.com.
Then a filter would change the personality of an incoming mail from foo.com 
to foo.com via verizon.  That's as complicated as it gets.  See:
< http://www.**--****.com/ ;

Best regards
email address is invalid

Re: 550 Authentication Error

Postby Mike Kirkpatrick » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:38:19 GMT

Thanks to all for the help. Jennifer's email seems to be the answer.
However, since I have the light version it doesn't appear that I can create
personalities to test the soluiton.



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