convert raw POP email file to eudora?

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  • 1. Default mailbox per personality
    Wouldn't it be possible to add an extra feature to the properties of each personality in Eudora ? Now you can make several personalities for polling different pop boxes, but all mail is dropped in the IN box. Sure, you can create some rules and filter these messages. But is there a chance the folks at Eudora add an extra setting in each profile to define a 'default' mailbox to drop the messages of each personality ? This would reduce the need for filters, and should avoid mis-filtering. Just a thought :-) I know, I would greatly appreciate this option :-)
  • 2. File Attachments
    I'm using Eudora Lite at home (I'm at at work right now), and whenever I send a file attachment from my home e-mail address to my work e-mail address (Using Outlook at work), in addition to the attachment that I've sent, I also get a 0-byte text file with a name of ATTzzzzz.txt where the z's are numbers. Does anyone know what this is and how I can get my Eudora Lite e-mail client to not do this? Thanks, Tony
  • 3. eudora 6.0: some toolbar buttons disappeared
    Hi, I have just upgraded to 6.0. Some of the toolbar buttons' graphic disappeared. These buttons are there and work but no graphics on them. Also they are invisible in the Customize window... I tried to switch back to the traditional Eudora buttons but could not find an option for this. Thanks in advance, Gilles
  • 4. Error in mfc42.dll when checking mail from Dominant personality
    The Dominant personality will consistently crash Eudora when checking mail. Other personalities work fine. I created a second, identical personality which works fine for both sending and receiving mail. I have tried: - upgrading from 4.3.2 to 5.2.1 - renaming mfc... and re-installing - cutting the size of in and out boxes Any suggestions about how to fix the dominant personality? This computer is running Windows ME, I know, ugh. We are planning to upgrade to XP shortly. In the meantime... tia... Bob
  • 5. Editing my email
    When I type an email and decide to edit I re-type a word it will 'gobble up' the words after it and I wind up typing the whole paragraph again. What do I need to 'tweak'?

convert raw POP email file to eudora?

Postby Mad Scientist Jr » Fri, 21 Jan 2005 00:19:36 GMT

Can someone say how to convert a raw POP email file to something
readable by a mail program such as Eudora?

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