convert raw POP email file to eudora?

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  • 1. is Eudora spam filter Bayesian?
    Is the Eudora 6 spam filter a Bayesian filter? How effective and traininable is it compared to other spam filters..e.g. G-Lock Spam Combat or others? Thanks
  • 2. Eudora's To: field.
    Hey, I've recently noticed a modified behavior in the handling of the To: field during new message creation in Eudora 6.0 and I was wondering if there is a way to modify it. Basically, in Eudora 5.1, when I'd create a new message, and type a letter in the To: field, it offered me a list of choices for e-mail addresses, sorted by which was was used latest (be it in a reply or a previous new message). In the new version, the generated list of choices is sorted alphabetically, which means that in most cases I'm forces to scroll through the entire list, instead of going for the "latest" or "most used". Is there a way of controlling how that list is sorted? Thank you, SH
  • 3. Double Warning when opening attachments
    Hello, Whenever I open some attachment (e.g. *.doc) from within Eudora (Sponsored) I get two pop-ups warning me about the risk of viruses warnings. The first warning pop-up has the window title "Warning!", the second the title "Eudora's Launch Protect". Both are controlled via the menu "Tools - Options - Extra Warnings", "Warn me about:..." By checking/unchecking "Lauch a program from a message" I can turn on/off the first warning ("Warning"). By checking/unchecking "Launch a program externally" I can turn on/off the second warning "Eudora's Launch Protect". This one also works when I open a file from the File Manager. But if I open a Word-documents (*.doc) from within Eudora it triggers both warnings, even though one would be enough. Is there a way of telling Eudora to ask only once without turning off either one of the warnings completely? Or is this a bug, i.e. impossible? Thanks! Friedrich
  • 4. formatting of quote original in reply
    Hey all. Is it possible (Eudora 6.x) to format the appearance of the quoted original in a reply or forward? When I right-click and choose Forward or Reply, the new pane opens up with the original text "quoted" -- that is it puts a grey vertical bar along the left edge. Is it possible to tell Eudora to use some other way such as using a ">" character, or by making it bold or italic or something?

convert raw POP email file to eudora?

Postby Mad Scientist Jr » Fri, 21 Jan 2005 00:19:36 GMT

Can someone say how to convert a raw POP email file to something
readable by a mail program such as Eudora?

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