convert raw POP email file to eudora?

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  • 1. Permanently adding SSL certif to trusted?
    I am using Eudora in paid mode. What is happening (and maybe this is the default behavior?) is that I need to keep adding the SSL certif to trusted every time I try to send an email. I have the SMTP set to "Required alternate port" which in my case is port 465. As it presently stands it requires about 10 mouse clicks to open personalities, go to last SSL info, etc and revalidate the whole thing before I can do a simple chore like sending an email. Once this is done everything works fine until I close Eudora and need to send another email at which time I have to do the 10 mouse click scenario all over again. My question then is, is there a way to permanently authorize the SSL certificate so that it will send in the same fashion that non-SSL email can be sent? In other words with one mouse click instead of the 10 it now requires. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sonny
  • 2. reinitializing eudora.ini
    I seem to remember from an earlier post here that there is a way of telling Eudora to reinitialize eudora.ini, but I am unable to find the message. If anyone knows or can point me to the applicable documentation it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Terry Liittschwager
  • 3. SSL sever return me the error 550 RCPT
    hi, I installed recently Eudora 5.1 and when I send a MAIL to some server tha answer me: 1 message left to send. RCPT TO < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Can't send ... The server give this reason: '550 RCPT to < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Realing not alloved - please use SMPT AUTH. I tryed to set options in the option \ sending mails... but I aven't able to solve the problem.... Can someone help me? thank you
  • 4. which files do I copy over?
    Hello, I'm installing Eudora Pro on a new computer, which files do I copy over from the old HD so that all my mailboxes and settings will be there in the new install? And where do I place them? just in the Eudora folder? Thanks!
  • 5. Replying: Automatically Quote Previous Header Text
    Unlike many folks, I want to INCLUDE all previous text when REPLYING to my email messages -- particularly the previous message HEADER info, such as the example listed below: From: "Blow, Joe" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > To: "Doe, Jane" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Subject: Important Reminder Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 09:37:57 -0500 I have looked through many posts here, but have not found a way to AUTOMATICALLY include the previous message header info in all replies. Isn't there some kind of .ini file setting that can accomplish this, or am I simply stuck with using "Ctrl A" + "Ctrl R" for every reply? Thank you, John K. (Eudora 5.1)

convert raw POP email file to eudora?

Postby Mad Scientist Jr » Fri, 21 Jan 2005 00:19:36 GMT

Can someone say how to convert a raw POP email file to something
readable by a mail program such as Eudora?

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