Eudora spam and virus filter available (kill Sobig.F, Lovsan, Blaster etc)

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  • 1. Why is Eudora saying WARNING(virus check bypassed):
    It is inserting that phrase in the subject before the e-mail's subject. Not all e-mails however. I wonder what the source of it is? Anyone?
  • 2. Changing the position of the message window to open on the right
    Some months ago I must have changed the settings of Eudora in such a way that new messages now open to screen left, which places them behind the mailbox list and advertising box. Of course I can drag them to the right, but I would prefer my previous setting. How can I change this so that a message will automatically open on the right. I'm using Eudora 7 for Windows. Have looked at Eudora.ini, but don't see an obvious configuration change that I could make. A search of this newsgroup's archives suggests that the question has come up previously, but previous suggestions don't seem to help me. For example, deleting Commercial32Version=16 doesn't change anything. My mailbox list is set to allow docking and says "Mailboxes" in the title bar. If I double-click on that, the mailbox list takes over the entire screen. I then have to reverse that by allowing the mailbox window to float - until I check the "allow docking" menu item again. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  • 3. "550 permit denied" error message
    Hi. I use Eudora with Comcast internet service. For some strange reason I can't send email to one person to whom I've written before. When I try to send him a message, I get a "550 permit denied" message. All my other emails work, sending out and receiving. What's up with this? Is this an Eurdora or a Comcast problem? Thanks.
  • 4. Eudora and MSGTAG2
    EP v7 paid Has anyone gotten the two to get along? I've been working on it for three days now and I'm getting quite close to giving up. After installing MSGTAG and configuring two email accounts, I changed the smtp server to 'localhost' as MSGTAG stated. When I attempt to send email, Eudora gives me this error message: '550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for XXXX@XXXXX.COM ' Anyone with some thoughts for me? -- **:::::>>::*=3F`?3F?3F`*::<<:::::** .~ zZ=3F WL ~. **:::::>>::*=3F`?3F?3F`*::<<:::::** { WrOnG NuMbEr RoCoCcO, yOu .~ zZ=3F WL ~.

Eudora spam and virus filter available (kill Sobig.F, Lovsan, Blaster etc)

Postby Usenet » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 19:12:34 GMT


We have just released a spam and virus filter that is built exclusively for
Eudora! Free download at


It blocks 98% of spam and all email viruses like Sobig, Lovsan and Blaster.
Antispam/MAX integrates totally with Eudora, so it's run automatically when
Eudora is run, and spam & virus filtering is done automatically in the
background. Functions available via Eudora menus & toolbar, includes
graphical spam filter reports. One minute install, no need to re-enter any
mailbox or server info. Just continue using Eudora as before, without spam
and viruses.


Re: Eudora spam and virus filter available (kill Sobig.F, Lovsan, Blaster etc)

Postby Daniel » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:49:04 GMT

Free download but it costs $30 to play.  Just FYI for the others here.  I 
think it's a good price, but I hate it when people say 'free download!' 
and mention nothing of the cost, implying the product is free.

But, that's another matter. I'm really responding to get your feedback on 
the features in Eudora 6.  I have been reading through the newsgroup here 
and it sounds like Eudora 6 has a SPAM filtering tool built in.  And 
since some of us may alread use a full-time virus scanner, what reason 
would one have to purchase your product?  I mean, what sets your product 
apart from what is available now (Norton, McAfee, etc) and what will be 
available soon (Eudora 6 spam filtering)?


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