What's "c:\eudora~1.2\" ?

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What's "c:\eudora~1.2\" ?

Postby jj » Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:17:49 GMT

The adventure continues with 6.2.  ;)

The latest: I want to send a jpeg attachment with my email, so I
test-send it to myself. When I click on the blue-highlighted
attachment name it should open in my default viewer, which is
Micrografx Picture Publisher 7. PP7 opens alright, but with an error
window that reads:

    Error reading from file  "c:\eudora~1.2\attach\Fiesta21.jpg"

IOW, no way to open the image in PP7 directly from Eudora. But I don't
recognize the Eudora file folder. I don't have anything known as
"eudora 1.2" on my system.

If I right-click on the attachment name in Eudora, I can choose "Open
attachment with..."  Doing that, and using (for example) Windows
Picture and Fax Viewer, opens the file. So, at first I'm thinking that
maybe it's an issue between PP7 and Eudora, due to PP7's age. (It
dates back to 1997, but I use it because it's very basic, fast opening
and contains most of the graphics tools I need.)

Then I try something else. I right-click in Eudora  again and choose
"Explore attachment." I don't even know what that means, but hey --
I'm exploring.  :)  Guess what comes up? A Windows Explorer (nee File
Manager) tree, highlighed to my Eudora "attach" folder. Problem? It's
not using my real Eudora folder, the one I originally created for v5.2
and overwrote with 6.2. That folder, named "EUDORA 5.2," is the sixth
folder on my C: tree. This new one, "eudora~1.2\", is the very last
folder on the tree, #22 underneath WUTemp.

Not only that, but it's a complete duplication of my EUDORA 5.2
folder. Far as I can tell, everything is in it.

Okay, first of all I think I have to find away to redirect the
Attachment pointer to the correct Eudora folder (5.2). I don't think
there's a way to do it with the Tools/Options menu. Is there an .ini
setting for it?

I clicked "Properties" for my desktop shortcut and it came up with
"C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Eudora.exe". It  opens 6.2. But is
it opening the version in "EUDORA 5.2" or the version in,
"eudora~1.2\" ?  And what happens if I delete  "eudora~1.2\" ?

Btw, if I reboot, "eudora~1.2\" goes away. So I guess the larger
question is what's creating it in the first place, and why is it
replicating my entire Eudora 5.2 folder?

Anybody ever run into this?


Re: What's "c:\eudora~1.2\" ?

Postby jj » Thu, 28 Jul 2005 03:51:26 GMT

Here's the answer to that one, discovered after lots of hair-pulling
and inappropriate use of vocabulary.

When the v6.2 install overwrote my 5.2 settings, it decided to wipe
out my setting for Tools/Options/Attachments/Attachment Directory. It
left the directory bar totally blank. Thanks a lot, 6.2.

It then created a huge temp version of my entire Eudora 6.2, just to
have a temp attachment folder. Since Picture Publisher couldn't find
it, there was no way to open the jpegs without right-click choosing
"Open with..."

But wait, there's more. In re-creating itself as a temp folder, 6.2
also somehow caused the creation of duplicate versions of every
Windows folder on the tree below Eudora -- 16 replicated folders! I
had two F drives, two G drives, two G-PS6 folders with all my graphics
in them, two complete but separate WINDOWS folders.  

With all that voodoo going on I might as well be living in the French
Quarter. ;)


Re: What's "c:\eudora~1.2\" ?

Postby Katrina Knight » Sun, 31 Jul 2005 00:58:55 GMT

You seem a bit confused about your answer here. 

In general, changing versions of Eudora doesn't do anything to existing 
settings. It sometimes adds new settings, but almost never touches old 
ones. Settings do occasionally get messed up though. If the attachment 
directory specified didn't exist where it was being looked for, that might 
be why that setting got changed. Or it may just be that something went 
wrong at some point. Given the rest of your description here, it wouldn't 
surprise me if your copy of eudora.ini just got truncated at some point do 
to disk problems, erasing that particular setting. 

If, when you installed Eudora, the locations you chose for your data and 
program files were locations that didn't exist, Eudora would create them, 
with new, empty files. If this "huge temp version" had your old data in 
it, then Eudora didn't do it. Eudora just doesn't have any way to do 
something like copy all your files that way.

You're placing the blame in the wrong place. It sounds like you had a 
problem with your hard drive directory structure. Eudora doesn't control 
that. I'd strongly advise running a good disk checking utility to make 
sure there aren't more problems that need to be cleaned up. 


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