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  • 1. Why does word wrap work so screwy?
    A newsletter that I send as an email message gets archived and posted to the web as a .txt file, so I want it to contain hard returns at the end of each line (because .txt files displayed on the web don't wrap until they encounter a hard return). I sometimes send the newsletter using Eudora for a Mac, and by turning on word wrap, the resulting message looks nice. Lines are wrapped at (guessing) somewhere around 75-80 characters. However, if I send the newsletter in Eudora 6.2 for Windows, the wrapping looks awful. Lines wrap at around 55 characters, resulting in a very narrow-looking document. I read the documentation and it said something to the effect that turning word wrap on results in a wrap at "approximately 72 characters" or something to that effect. What are some ways around this? I just want a message to wrap sensibly, somewhere around 75 characters. And my default font is boring old fixed-width courier font, so I can't even blame the bad wrapping on variable-width fonts. For example, is there a line I can edit into eudora.ini telling how wide I want lines to be?
  • 2. number of messages
    is there any way Eudora Mailboxes can show the number of unread messages they contain?
  • 3. Problem receiving mail
    I'm a happy Eudora user of several years, and currently used paid version Over the past 24 hours, I've had periodic problems receiving mail. I have made no changes in my "Personality" or "Tools - Options" settings. For the last few hours of last night, I could neither send nor receive mail. I could go on the internet and to my mail pages ( and and send/receive just fine. This morning, on opening Eudora, I instantly received a large batch of e-mail from late yesterday and this morning. Then, after an hour or so of good use, I'm back to the stage described in the previous paragraph. Any suggestions or ideas? Could it be that my ISP (a DSC connection through have some problem on the server end, that might account for my difficulty? Tx, Charles Varner Hilton Head Is., SC
  • 4. Keyboard Navigation Question
    Kilgore Trout < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > I know I can switch between open mailboxes and messages using > Ctrl+Tab, but is there a way to move the focus to the mailboxes list > using a keyboard shortcut? If the mailboxes windows is docked, I can't think of a way to move the focus there. You can open it using alt-x, but that doesn't really move the focus there. If you frequently want to navigate to the mailboxes window using the keyboard you might want to consider floating it in the main window instead of docking it. If you do that, it will act like a mailbox window as far as keyboard shortcuts go. -- Katrina
  • 5. Norton & Eudora
    My eudora has gone pear shaped. I un-installed Norton and now all mail received does not have a subject or a from and a strange time. In the message pane I get the full email including all headers. As a result, all my filters have stopped working and now I have to page down tons of headers to find out that my todger is not big enough. I've upgraded to latest version - did f all. I've deleted by inbox and the file in.mbx - didn't help I've installed a second copy - still busted. I've installed Thunderbird - that's crap in comparison! There are tons of messages about norton and eudora but not with these problems. Cheers Bob.

filter to change personalilties

Postby pshaw » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 14:41:18 GMT

it seems that i still can't find a way to automatically change the
{*filter*} personality for a secondary (sbc) for outgoing e-mail.  my
server will not allow me to send e-mail unless i choose the sbc
personality from the drop down box and i'd like to have that done
automatically for outgoing e-mail ...

tia ...


Re: filter to change personalilties

Postby Peter Beattie » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:06:02 GMT

Have you tried the Relay Personality feature introduced in Eudora 6?


Re: filter to change personalilties

Postby Gianni Bagni » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 03:36:01 GMT

Which version of  Eudora are you using? If version 6.x, try the Relay
Personality feature
< http://www.**--****.com/ ;.
Otherwise, see this article:

"SMTP Relay for Sending Mail (Windows)"
< http://www.**--****.com/ ;.


Re: filter to change personalilties

Postby pshaw » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:41:47 GMT

learned something new :-) ...  i'll try that tomorrow at work ....
thanks all ... 


On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:36:01 GMT, Gianni Bagni < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

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