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Delete Duplicates v3.7.21

Postby Brana Bujenovic » Sat, 12 Mar 2005 05:20:16 GMT

You can download the latest version (3.7.21) from the same URL, I uploaded 
it just couple of hours ago. It contains couple of new features, as well as 
the bug-fix for new Original Messages Status feature.




Release Notes
Release Notes with Pictures
 http://www.**--****.com/ #duplicates

PS. Complete list of new features for 3.7.21
+ Couple of minor changes in graphical interface.
* Bugfix for new "Original Messages Status" feature.
+ New scanning method: "Method C" (Beta version)
Couple of things about this method:
- Method C is combined method. It uses the philosophy of Classic and Light 
methods and the technology of Mailbox Tools ME.
- It's beta.
- It doesn't support filters, logging, stop search and other additional 
- It's not limited on 200 messages per mailbox, if program in demo-mode.
- It can only be tested on mailboxes larger then 10 MB (tote-box or wood-
- It will probably be worked out/developed more for v4.
- And yes, scanning can go faster then that.



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