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    When sending a message to multiple recipients and one of those addresses gets rejected, do the others still go through or do you have to go back into the message, root out the offending address and then re-send ? Thanks

Error Message?

Postby MrKemp » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:12:44 GMT

I get this message about half the time I send email from Eudora:

<{*filter*}>, 1 messages left to send., RCPT TO: <the address> [the time]
Can't send to". The server gives this reason: '550 Reguested action not 
taken: Mailbox unavailable''.

The error only happens with Eudora, if I switch to another email program, 
copy and past the exact same address, then the email will go out and be sent 
without any problem

I've been using Eudora since '94 My mailboxes go back to '97 and so I don't 
want to trash everything and start over.

My Windows XP computer crashed and when I rebuilt the system I copied then 
entire Eudora folder back into Program Files.  Eudora starts and works and 
looks fine except for this problem with error messages when sending to most 
of the email addresses.

I downloaded and installed   but the problem remains.


Re: Error Message?

Postby Katrina Knight » Thu, 15 Sep 2005 06:16:18 GMT

The error is coming from the server, not from Eudora. 550 errors mean that 
the server is refusing to relay your message, generally because it doesn't 
recognize you as an authorized user. The usual reason for that is that you 
are trying to use a server that doesn't belong to the ISP you are 
connected to and the server either doesn't allow any other type of 
authentication or you don't have it set up properly. Do you have more than 
one personality? Do you use more than one ISP? If either of those is true, 
then that's probably why it happens some of the time and not at other 

Trashing everything is not what's needed here. 


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