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    Eudora Pro on win xp pro sp2 box. I have a gmail account configured in a personality (same thing happens in Dominant), and except for one quirk, it's working just fine, both for pop and smtp. The quirk is that almost every time I send a msg in eudora, with the gmail acct as the FROM:, while it goes out just fine, it also throws an error message: [PersonalityName], SSL: 1 messages left to send., QUIT [the time] Error reading from network Cause: Connection closed by foreign host (0) Again, even tho the eror comes up, it goes out perfectly, and is received perfectly, both on the gmail site and in Eudora. Once in a while it seems to NOT throw it, but it's somewhat random to the point I can't tell what's different. Anyone have any ideas? I'm basically ignoring the error, but it's annoying :) TIA elaine charlottesville, VA
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Eudora 5.1 not opening

Postby » Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:14:01 GMT

Well it opens but after one second it closes again.

I don't have time to see any error messages!

I've tried rebooting and emptying attachment and embedded folders and

john g

Re: Eudora 5.1 not opening

Postby Landmark » Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:10:37 GMT

I remember having a similar problem  which was equally frustrating. It
turned out my problem was being caused by a mail I was trying to send.
When I started Eudora it immediately tried to do a send and recieve
and promptly crashed. I eventually fixed it by taking my PC offline so
it couldn't do a send/receive (pulling the network cable out is one
very effective way of doing that!) and that gave me enough Access to
Eudora to be able to turn off automatic mail checking. Then I was able
to unqueue the messages and put them back in one by one until I'd
isolated the message causing the problems. Before that though, I'd
done much the same as you, uninstalling and reinstalling, virus
scanning, checking my hard drive for errors, everything I could think

Since then I've seen this problem several times, seemingly plain text
messages which cause Eudora to completely lock up when sending,
locking up to the extent that the whole PC locks and I can't even do a
Ctrl/alt/delete to clear it. I have no idea why a message which looks
like it is a plain old text message should have such a disastrous
effect on Eudora, and what makes those few messages any different from
the vast numbers of other plain text messages that I have sent without
problem. (I have been able to paste the same plain text into other
mailers and send through the same SMTP without problem so its
defintiely Eudora that is the buggy software). I've only found a
couple of references to other people seeing this problem, and not seen
any answer to it.

Re: Eudora 5.1 not opening

Postby john » Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:30:41 GMT


Sounds smart and very plausible.

Didn't work though ;)

Starting the program in 256 colors lets me OK a 'can't find attachment'
box. (This is unsurprising cos I emptied the folder.)

 But then I get the less-than-useful 'unhandled exception' goodbye.

The error is: Access Violation Code: 0xc0000005

Maybe stop the checking for mail in the ini. file ... if I don't have
the program set to only check when connected??


Re: Eudora 5.1 not opening

Postby Katrina Knight » Fri, 13 Oct 2006 02:58:23 GMT

Check your exception.log file to see if it is recording information about 
whatever is happening. It is found in your Eudora data directory. You can 
also check eudora.log to see if anything is being recorded there, but if 
it crashes that quickly, I'd suspect there won't be anything there. 

Did you change anything or did anything odd happen the last time you used 
Eudora before this problem started. Maybe Eudora crashed after receiving 
mail the last time it ran? 

I'd recommend checking for rcv files in the spool subdirectory of 
your data directory. If you find any, look at them with a text editor and 
delete any that are not desired messages. Move the others temporarily and 
see if that lets Eudora start. You can also try turning off the preview 
pane if it is on, by editing eudora.ini. The necessary setting is 
MailboxPreviewPane=0. It goes in the [settings] section and if you don't 
see the setting there at all, just add it somewhere in that section. 

Problems with system mailboxes can also cause Eudora to crash this way at 
start up. If Eudora can't use one of those mailbox files at all, it will 


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