Display problems with Eu 6.0

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    my mail checker does not work in Eudora 6-I have DSL how do I configure it.. thanks Michael
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    How does one print a batch of messages? If I have 35 messages in a mailbox and I want to print all messages with the partial headers for each (not the full-- Blah Blah headers), can that be done in a batch? Is there a way to do this other than one-by-one? Thanks. Dave
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    It is now common to receive a Word file attached to an email with a request to review/comment/edit the file and return to everyone on the recipient list. I would like to just hit return, and have the attachment sent back to all. However, it seems this does not send the attachment. A work around is to forward the original email (which grabs the attachment but not the recipient list). Another workaround is to manually attach the edited Word file. Is there a setting that allows simply to hit return or c-R and send the Word file with changes back to all? -- Murray

Display problems with Eu 6.0

Postby Peter H. Granzeau » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 05:37:17 GMT

When I read mail, what I would like to do is keep my mouse cursor on
the "Delete Message" button, and use the mouse wheel to scroll the

I can do this as long as I do not use the Microsoft reader.  If I use
the MS thing, the wheel won't work unless I move the cursor into the
message pane.

Unfortunately, the Eudora reader is very slow and freezes completely
sometimes when displaying graphics.

I asked here if anyone knew how to keep Eudora from displaying
graphics.  No one bothered to reply, which indicates, at least to me,
that there is no such thing possible.

Does anyone have a solution to this mess?

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