Does anyone use K9 with Eudora?

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Does anyone use K9 with Eudora?

Postby xyZed » Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:08:17 GMT

I know this is strictly a K9 issue but I'm sure other Eudora users
must use it in the way I want to with Eudora.

I'm trying to use the spam filter K9 which is reported to be excellent
but I also need to use a mail checker util. This means in fact I will
have 3 programs dealing with mail.

Does anyone successfully do this? 

I don't want Eudora running constantly in the background but need to
check email every few minutes so I must have a 3rd party util to check
foe mail.

The problem is I can't get one to work with all 3 programs.

I've tried SpamKiller which works with K9 but K9 wont alter the
headers of the spam it detects so that SpamKiller can filter it out.

I've tried mailwasher but that wont check mail through K9 and I've
tried the util that I think is a plug in for Eudora called Magic, but
that won't work with K9 either.


We've all got one -   

         [remove mymask_ to email]

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