Exporting Juno email/addresses to Outlook Express

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  • 1. v6 and Junk folder configuration question
    Hello there, Everytime mail is delivered to the Junk mail folder the folder appears at the bottom of the screen. Is it possible for this folder to be configured to act like the Trash folder? In that when mail is filtered to the Trash folder the typeface for the Trash folder changes to bold and that's all? Please advise. TIA
  • 2. Eudora + IMAP + resynchronize every mailbox??
    Hi! The problem: How to synchronize every mailbox at the same time in Eudora (IMAP)? (I am using: w2k + eudora 5.2. + IMAP) I have 100 self-created mailboxes in email server. I normally use email using webmail. My Eudora connects to server ok, and it creates mailbox list: ---------------- Eudora In Out Trash Dominant Inbox my-mailbox-1 my-mailbox-2 my-mailbox-3 ... my-mailbox-100 ---------------- Those "my-mailboxes" are like sub-boxes to Dominant Inbox. When I go offline, or want to synch every mailbox in my laptop, I have to resynchronize every mailbox separately (by opening it or by "right-click + resynchronize mailbox". I dont know how to resynch every single mailbox simultaneously. Eudora wont allow to select multiple mailboxes to be resynchronized (by pressing shift or ctrl). Could you assist me please? Thanks for your help!!! :) - Marko
  • 3. Sorting by Recipient
    I'm wondering if it is possible to sort messages by recipient. I keep a copy of my sent messages and would like to sort them by who I sent them to. I know you can sort by sender, but in this case, the sender is always myself. Thanks, Brian
  • 4. Different X-headers for multiple personalities
    Where in eudora.ini can I configure X-headers to be sent for my dominant personality only? I don't want them included on emails sent from other email addresses. I see 5 personas in eudora.ini for my 5 non-dominant personalities, and I configured each to send it's own X-headers. This works just fine but I'm not sure where to add an "ExtraHeaders=" line for my dominant personality w/out it getting applied to all. Has anyone successfully implemented this? TIA Dan

Exporting Juno email/addresses to Outlook Express

Postby Lawrence Lordanich » Sun, 14 Dec 2003 01:58:28 GMT

Does anybody know how to export Juno email messages and address book
entries to Outlook Express so I can import Outlook Express to my Eudora



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