I'm using Eudora Pro 5.1 and attachments are not getting to a recipient who uses Outlook

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    Is it possible to KNOW for sure when an email has been received? If so, does it work for all ISP's and does Eudora 4.3 have it? I have been told " I KNOW you got my email"! It's driving me crazy!!! Thanks
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    I just installed ver. 6.0.1 on my winxp laptop. It seems to be able to send and receive, but when I try to import my folders and address book from Outlook Express, it starts to import and then hangs up. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Eudora and it did the same thing. What could cause this hang up? Thanks Dave
  • 3. Running two versions.
    If I understand correctly, if I put my data in a separate data subfolder, and point both programs to that folder, I can run two versions of Eudora against the same data. I can download new mail with version 6 one time, and then use version 3 the next time. I can write an email with one version and post it with the other. Is that right? Can I keep both programs open at the same time? Thanks. Meirman If emailing, please let me know whether or not you are posting the same letter. Change domain to erols.com, if necessary.
  • 4. Saving of attachments..
    Hi i've got a strange issue while saving attachments. it first occured in Eudor a 5.x: when I right-clicked an attachment, and have chosen 'save as' , Eudore opened the 'save file' dialog and crashed. I updated to Eudora 6, but nothing changed. Whenever i right click an attachment to save it in a different folder, Eudora severly hangs. So I have to extract the attachments from the 'attach' folder manually or I do have to start them; both these things i dont like too much. Help is appreciated Tschordi

I'm using Eudora Pro 5.1 and attachments are not getting to a recipient who uses Outlook

Postby Julie » Mon, 21 Jul 2003 20:41:19 GMT

Has anyone else experienced this.

Some of my attachments get to the recpient using Outlook (he tells me it is
not Outlook Express) but quite a number of the attachments don't arrive at
his end.

Appreciate any help on this.  I did find an article on internet talking
about Eduora Mac users not being able to send attachments to Outlook users
(and that there is a workaround for the Eudora Mac user by pasting something
into the message header).

I'm not sure if this applies to regular Eudora users (i.e. running on
Windows) sending attachments to Outlook users.

Can anyone help?



Re: I'm using Eudora Pro 5.1 and attachments are not getting to a recipient who uses Outlook

Postby Douglas Martin » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 01:23:34 GMT

"Julie" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in

Does it relate to the extensions on the file names (.exe, .doc, etc)? If 
so, his Outlook (or the server his Outlook connects to) may be blocking 

Re: I'm using Eudora Pro 5.1 and attachments are not getting to a recipient who uses Outlook

Postby ozgal33 » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:41:06 GMT

Hi Douglas,

No it does not relate to the file extension in this case .doc

I am aware that documents ending in .exe for instance will not be
accepted. I have gotten around this issue by zipping .exe files when
I've needed to send them.

Rather, I am wondering if this problem could be related to the Outlook
bug whereby Mac Users of Eudora sending attachments to Outlook Users
are finding their attachments are not getting through, or put it
another way Outlook Users cannot receive attachments send by Mac
Eudora users.

If this is the case I am wondering if Outlook has created a bug fix
for the problem and whether it also affects Windows users of Eudora
trying to send attachments to Outlook users.

I really do not want to have to use Microsoft Outlook as my email
package (perish the thought).

Thanks for your help,


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