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    On my laptop which connects to an SBC DSL internet connection via a wireless network in our home, both Eudora 6.2 and 7.0 (I downloaded 7.0 in hopes it would fix this problem) checks for mail, retrieves none and tells me I have no new mail. In fact, there is mail which I can retrieve through a browser on the laptop or on our desktop computer. I have all account settings set identical to the Eudora program on our desktop computer (which connects directly to the DSL without utilizing the wireless connection). I can send mail from the laptop just fine using Eudora. I get no error message when attempting to check for mail, just the dialogue box telling me I have no new mail. The small circle that appears in the lower right corner of the status bar turns as it normally does when the program checks for mail, then in about 2 seconds the dialogue box appears to say I have no new mail. Any suggestions for fixing this problem? Thanks, Dave.
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    When I launch Eudora I get this message: Could not uninstall Eudora MAPI system because MAPI.DLL and/or MAPI32.DLL could not be renamed. What should I do to avoid this MAPI warning message? In actual fact, either of those files MAPI.DLL and MAPI32.DLL can be renamed manually. Maybe these other files below which I found in folder C:\Windows\System32 are causing a problem because they have already got the name Eudora want to rename the MAPI files to: eumapi32.dll MAPI.DLL MAPI32.000 MAPI32.001 MAPI32.DLL mapistub.dll I'm running Eudora on XP Pro/SP1. I have got these settings in Eudora > Tools > Options > MAPI: Use Eudora MAPI server: NEVER Delete MAPI attachments: NEVER Send single MAPI file attachment as inline attachment: YES Warn on MAPI auto-send of messages: YES. What should I do to avoid getting that MAPI warning message?

Eudora - Transfer Menu Item on the Toolbar

Postby bkaras » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 07:11:28 GMT

Is there a way I can put an item in the Transfer menu in a toolbar
button? (I think I asked this before, and I used it for version 4.3.2,
but I just got the new version, and I do not remember how.)

Thank you.

Barry Karas

Re: Eudora - Transfer Menu Item on the Toolbar

Postby Ajo Wissink » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:50:28 GMT

Right-click on the toolbar -> Customize -> Mailboxes

Select a mailbox and drag the icon that appears to the toolbar.  You
have to stay between the vertical dividers.
Ajo Wissink

Re: Eudora - Transfer Menu Item on the Toolbar

Postby Katrina Knight » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:53:42 GMT

Are you saying you want a toolbar button that transfers mail to a certain 
mailbox? If so, yes, you can do that. Right click on the toolbar and 
select "customize" so that you can add a button. Then go to the 
"mailboxes" tab and pick the desired mailbox. There are two possible 
buttons for each mailbox. The first is to open the mailbox, the second is 
to transfer to it. Drag that to the desired place on the toolbar. 

Note that all "transfer" buttons look the same. The tooltip for each will 
tell you the mailbox name though. 


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