Eudora 6 eats processor power

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  • 1. received file has no flag
    Hello, while using eudora to receive the emails, all new emails received has no flag, and I cannot tell if the email has been read before or not. outlook and thunderbird has a new flag. It is very convenient. Is it designed this way or there are configurations I need to fix this issue? Thanks.
  • 2. eudora filter problem
    Hello, I want to use eudora v7.1.0.9 to replace outlook. Under outlook, I have a rule settings like this: (From userA or from UserB) and (with Subject xxx or Subject yyy) can it be done from eudora? it looks eurdora only supports (From userA) and (With subject xxx) simple format for filtering. very inconveninent to use. thanks.
  • 3. winmail.dant and embedded pictures
    How can I process winmail.dat to recover embedded pictures? Someone sent me a message with embedded pictures. The message came through with an attachment, "winmail.dat." The embedded pictures aren't displayed by Eudora I presume that the embedded pictures are in fact contained in winmail.dat. Is there some way to make Eudora display them? Is there some utility that will extract embedded pictures from winmail.dat? Windows 2000, sp-4+. I have MS Office 2000 installed, but I don't have either Outlook or Outlook Express actually working (i.e., I haven't set up any account(s) in either of them). Thanks, Fred Holmes
  • 4. Need Help with 5.1 Password Problem
    Hi, all. My dad is on Eudora 5.1 through Adelphia, and he has a problem I can't figure out. When he opens 5.1, it asks for a password. He enters it but it doesn't recognize his password when checking incoming mail. However, when he sends mail, the very same password works fine. Any ideas on what is causing this? Thanks. Todd

Eudora 6 eats processor power

Postby Julian Thornhill » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:25:01 GMT

Once I've downloaded mail, even small amounts, my Eudora often hangs for
20-60 seconds with the egg timer, the processor use being 100%. I'm assuming
this is something to do witht he junk filter, but if it is it is very

Has anyone else noticed this?

Julian Thornhill

Re: Eudora 6 eats processor power

Postby Palle Jensen » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 01:46:47 GMT

Did you disable moodwatch? Otherwise try it.

Palle Jensen

Re: Eudora 6 eats processor power

Postby John Tubbs » Wed, 17 Sep 2003 02:40:15 GMT

Check your "Wait" setting at Tools | Options | Background Tasks. A couple
seconds should be enough.


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4.Eudora 5.x eats CPU......

I run SETI@HOME, a distributed computing client. 

When Eudora is running, S@H averages around 15 hours to finish a work unit. 

With Eudora NOT running, S@H average around 6 hours and 15 minutes.  

So what the heck is Eudora doing sucking up that much CPU just sitting

But it isn't just S@H that is affected. 

On this WinME system , the mouse pointer sticks and the system is
unresponsive for about 3 seconds out of every 6.....sometimes (not all the
time)...and a re-boot will fix it for a while. 

If I shutdown Eudora, the problem goes away - instantly.  

Eudora is most often left running all day and night by this user -
maximised.  I have noticed the screensaver often doesn't kick in either. 

Has anyone else seen this?  It's not new. It's been doing it ever since I
installed v5.1 and still does it with 5.2. 

Both are paid 'versions'. 

I have also - just for the hell of it - upgraded the system in question from
an Intel PIII-600EB to an Athlon 1.4GHz and new mobo (of course). That made
no difference (except for being a hell of a lot faster) which certainly
confirms this is not a hardware problem. 

Has any else seen this? I would this so as I've used two different version
on two entirely different sets of hardware - with the same result.  


5.Eudora "eats" edited messages

Once in a  while I get an e-mail from someone whose spam filter has
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X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Forwarded Mail : 0.4 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Business Communications : 0.5 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam Structure : 0.1 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Pastime : 0.05 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Joke : 0.05 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Contest : 0.49 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Obvious Clues : 0.1 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam : 1.8 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Vectored : 0.4 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Free : 0.15 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Override : 0.4 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Picky Clues : 0.1 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Low Cost : 0.6 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Junk Mail : 1.8 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Exception : 0.4 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Conference : 0.3 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Urgency : 0.16 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam Language : 1.7 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Sales Language : 0.9 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Newsletter : 0.2 
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam Indicators : 0.1 
X-AmikaGuardian-Action: Trigger(Junk Mail) 

Rather than have to look at this stuff, I hit the Pencil icon and
delete the list. Then I save the mail. However, when I try to reopen
the original message later, it's not there. Nothing is, even though my
"Sort by size" column says it is. (In the latest case, it says I have
a 7KB message, but when I try to open it there's nothing.)

What causes the rest of the message body to disappear? Can it be


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