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Printer header -- always same

Postby Maurice A. O'Sullivan » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 00:27:03 GMT

Using Eudora in Paid Mode, I have encountered the following

In "Print Preview" (and when printed), any message in my in-box will
have a header derived from a message that came in about 12 days ago.

The footer gives no problem -- the correct date for each posting,
along with the "printed for" name and e-mail address, will appear.

I have examined the eudora.ini file, and could not see any
"PrinterHeaders" entry at all.
So I entered >PrintHeaders=0< but this had no effect.
I have removed the message with the persisting header.

Can anyone help,please?

When I print an e-mail from my "outbox" I get the correct preview.

Re: Printer header -- always same

Postby Katrina Knight » Wed, 06 Dec 2006 07:29:19 GMT

You're using the MS viewer, aren't you? The MS viewer gets it print header 
and footer settings from MS IE. MS IE gets messed up sometimes and this is 
the result. 

That would turn off the print header and footer, assuming you were using 
the internal viewer. 

The outbox in general, or messages in the composition window? The 
composition window doesn't use the MS viewer. 


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