550 Authentication required

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  • 1. Problem sending mail
    I've just installed Pegasus Mail and occasionally after composing a message and hitting the send button it hangs and doesn't send. It appears as if it's trying to launch the spell check, but the dialog box doesn't appear, just highlights the first word. Any ideas? Thanks! JB
  • 2. Pegasus lock up and lost messages
    I have just downloaded a lot of email messages which were apparently filtered correctly into various folders (i.e. some folder names turned red). I opened one folder and noticed the new messages, opened one message to read it and then closed it. Then I closed the folder and a box popped up saying "applying filters" but it stayed in view for ages. Pegagus seemed to be using quite a bit of CPU time throughout. Eventually I had to kill Pegasus and then re-launch it again. I clicked continue at the "already in use" warning box. The view of the folders did not show any red folder names. I examined the folder I had opened previously and all of the new messages were missing. I can only assume that all of the messages which had been downloaded and sorted into folders had just vanished! This is a bit worrying as I *had* to kill pegasus, but if this happens again I'm likely to lose all of my latest download of messages again. Does anyone know where my messages have gone and whether I can restore them somehow? (assuming that they have not really been completely deleted)
  • 3. Problem - "Error Initializing bitmap"
    Can anyone tell me how to over come this problem. Everytime I try to send a photo imbedded in the message I get this error. I can send photos (.JPG) as attachments without any problems, but no luck when they are included to be viewed with the message. Thanks Ken.
  • 4. Pegasus Mail crashes when used on a VPN
    Hi, I have an office setup that works just fine with a mail server, and user mailboxes are setup as folders on the server so that each user can logon anywhere on the LAN and see their email with pegasus (4.21c). Have just setup a VPN into this office which works fine - can open folders etc. I am logged in remotely as one of the users, and can open pegasus mail OK and see all the existing mails. I can also move mail around OK. When I try to retrieve mail from the server (on the LAN), or send (direct to the ISPs smtp server), pegasus just crashes. It obviously doesn't do this when logged on locally on the LAN. The error is: AppName: winpm-32.exe AppVer: ModName: imslsp.dll Anyone got any ideas? thanks -Rob robatwork at mail dot com
  • 5. Seeing Replies ?
    Hi Is there away to click on a received email and to see all the replies you made to it (if there were any) ?

550 Authentication required

Postby tena » Thu, 13 Dec 2007 13:18:45 GMT

Just today when trying to send email I started receiving this message,
I contacted my IP, Peoplepc and they say that I need a code to correct

Delivery has failed on the enclosed message for the following reasons
reported either by

the mail delivery system on the mail relay host or by the local TCP/IP
transport module:

550 Authentication required



Re: 550 Authentication required

Postby Evertjan. » Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:39:17 GMT

tena wrote on 12 dec 2007 in comp.mail.pegasus-mail.ms-windows:

Read the helpfile:

Creating an SMTP definition

SMTP Authentication

The entries in this section enable various mechanisms for proving that 
you are who you say you are when sending mail. Not all networks or 
Internet Service Providers will require you to use an authentication 
method, and there are three or four different methods that might be used. 
If you have trouble sending mail, consult your ISP and see if you need to 
enable one of these options. When you contact your ISP, it may help them 
to help you if you mention that your mailer supports several SMTP 
Authentication options.

Do a prior POP3 login to authenticate before sending mail   

If your ISP supports it, this is the simplest way of authenticating who 
you are. Some ISPs will log POP3 mail checks, and provided you have done 
such a check in the last x minutes, will permit you to send mail from the 
same address. When you enable this control, Pegasus Mail will login to 
your POP3 server and immediately logout without actually retrieving mail, 
prior to opening the SMTP connection to send mail. It is harmless to 
enable this option, even if your ISP does not require it. When you enable 
this option, you must select one of your POP3 mail definitions by 
clicking the Select button.

Login to the SMTP server with the following username and password  

If you check this control, Pegasus Mail will attempt to login to the SMTP 
server using the username and password you supply here. As with the 
option above, it will only do this if the server states that it will 
accept such a login. Your Internet Service Provider will advise you if 
this option is one you should use.

Login to the SMTP server using a POP3 username/password  

If the SMTP server uses the same username and password as one of your 
POP3 definitions (this is quite common if both servers run on the same 
unix or linux system, for example), then you can check this control and 
click the Select button to choose the proper POP3 definition. Doing 
things this way, if you ever need to change your POP3 password, it will 
automatically be changed for the SMTP definition as well, meaning one 
less thing you have to remember to do.

The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots in my emailaddress)

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2.#5.1.0 smtp;550 5.1.0 Authentication required

I'm a novice MCSE. On the side I'm supporting a small network (SBS - 3 
workstations - Exchange).  The small network was built nicely by a networking 
company who became too expensive for my client, who is a friend, who asked me 
to support it.

The first Thing (and only thing) I've done was changed the Administrator 
Password on the server.

Now I've had reports of this error when users try to reply to emails.

 The e-mail address could not be found. Perhaps the recipient moved to a 
different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address. Check 
the address and try again.
  <mydomain.com #5.1.0 smtp;550 5.1.0 Authentication required

They can email successfully if they type out the email address, but it will 
not work when they simply hit reply and send.

Does anyone know what I can try to do to fix this?


Joel B

3.550 5.7.1 Authentication Required Error (Verizon DSL)

As noted earlier, this just came out of the blue. No settings were
changed that I know of. I can't send anything, but mail is received
just fine.
     Has anyone had this happen and do you know of a cure?
Mozilla Thunderbird has no problems sending.
     Help much appreciated.

4.550 Authentication turned on in your email client


Please help as I am new to this and have been dropped in the deep end with 
this problem...

All users cannot receive SMTP mail and any messages sent to any email 
address get a NDR which has the message "550 Authentication turned on in your 
email client" as the reason.

We are able to send and receive internally, and send externally.

Our set up is that the MX records point to an online filtering service 
(emailsystems.com) and they then forward mail direct to our server. Mail is 
getting to them and being sent, but coming back as failed with the NDR as 

I have run through our exchange setting with them and they match their own 
email servers (and I have not changed them). We had a problem with our domain 
host which is now resolved, but in the process of getting that sorted out, 
something else has gone wrong. The DNS records are showing as correct with 
static IP's where appropriate.

The server is set up only to receive mail from a specified range of IP 
addresses (for email systems) and does not need authentication for delivery 
of mail to it.

Have i missed another built in security to SBS2003? 

I have re-run the email wizard and rebooted without success.

Any help greatly appreciated.


5.550 Authentication Error

I'm trying to use Eudora to send and receive email from an account other
than my ISP. In Outlook I can do this by setting my outgoing mail server to
my ISP server and then selecting the "My outgoing server requires
authentication" option. This prompts me for the user name and password for
for my ISP account.

With Eudora, under Getting Started, I can select Allow Authentication but I
am never asked for a user name and password. I recieve the "550 relaying
mail to <domain name> is not allowed" error.


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