PC wireless lan problem - autodisable from lan

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    I've recently installed an Asus WL-138G wireless network card (PCI) into a PC running Windows 2000. The OS has all the latest service packs and patches installed. The network card has all the latest drivers downloaded from Asus. The network is structured using a belkin router to a 1Mb cable internet connection. The problem I've got is that when the PC has been up and running with a user logged in for around 1/2 an hour, the network connection sometimes drops out. The network tray icon shows 'cable unplugged' and using the Asus control centre to search for the wireless network fails (can't detect any network). I have to reset the PC in order for the Asus control centre to re-connect automatically to the wireless network. I know the network is fine as resetting the PC cures the problem, and another laptop connected via a Belkin PCMCIA wireless card never has any such issues. Anyone had any similar problems with the Asus PCI card? Does Asus have a knowledge base / forum in which to find out about known issues? Thanks, Shaun.

PC wireless lan problem - autodisable from lan

Postby Robert » Sun, 04 Feb 2007 09:58:53 GMT

We have a large number Dell laptops (610) with a percentage going out to
users with a wireless radio problem.  The PCs have an identical OS image and
a 1450 or 1470 wireless card.  A percentage of the PCs when connected to the
lan will not disable the wireless connection as configured.  This creates a
problem as it acquires two IP address.  It does not take long to consume all
the available IPs.  I have checked everything I can think of.  Any ideas. 

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