XP Office Proffessional and Windows 2000 Operating system



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    I have Word 2003. Everthing worked perfectly fine for months, when suddenly, yesterday, I couldn't open Word up in normal mode. I can open it in safe mode. I have updated EVERYTHING in Office. I uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 Professional. The other programs on Office 2003 work, just not Word. Any ideas about what may have happened, or what I can do?
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    Hi I have installed MS Office 97 Professional on my computer which is running Windows XP. I am able to use Access with no problem but cannot open Word. The message I get is - This application must be installed to run. Please run Setup from the location you originally installed the application. I have already installed SR1 and SR2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything twice. (I have only selected the Access and Word components to install and not the whole of Office). How can I get Word to run? Any non tech answers would be much appreciated. (I'm not a computer techie). many thanks fizz

XP Office Proffessional and Windows 2000 Operating system

Postby Wesa » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 06:22:54 GMT

I have a problem, I believe with Word 2002,  I have a 
document open, I minimize it to the taskbar. I work on 
another document. When I try to open or maximize the first 
document to view it again. Word 2002 program abruptly 
closes. I open word agin and have to recover the 

Re: XP Office Proffessional and Windows 2000 Operating system

Postby Beth Melton » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 23:34:19 GMT

Hi Wesa,

Yep - as strange as it may sound I suspect you've encountered a bug in
Handwriting Recognition. Try the following:

- Open your Control Panel
- Open Regional and Language Settings
- Select the Language tab
- Click Details
- Remove Handwriting Recognition

If you need the service you can install it again after you've removed
it and verified Word no longer ends when you attempt to Restore a
document window.

Let us know what you find! :-)

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for
assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton

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