WINWORD.EXE is not a Valid Win32 application



  • 1. Error Message in Word 2002
    When working with "Word" I get the following error message: "We have detected a problem with your installation of the product. Repairing or reinstalling it may correct the problem." Error signature is: AppName: winword.exe ModVer: 10.0.2627.0 AppVer: 10.0.2627.0 Offset: 008248f2 ModName: winword.exe What does this mean? If I go in and work on a document, I can't file it. This message comes up. How can I repair this? Thanks, Dan
  • 2. need help.......GetEnhMetaFileHeader couln not be located in the dynamic libarar having some prooblems in microsoft word...whenever i open the word...this comes out...the procedure entry point GetEnhMetaFileHeader couln not be located in the dynamic libarary GDI 33.dll. pls help........
  • 3. Help: New dialog box when opening Word
    Starting in the last week or so I get the following message when opening Word or Outlook (which I have set to use Word as my mail composer): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The document contains macros. Macro language support is currently disabled. Features requiring VBA are not available. Would you like to open this document read-only? OK Cancel Help ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not opening a file using Word, just Word by itself. I've run Norton Anti-Virus and found nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Robert
  • 4. Word '97
    I tried to open up my word document today and I received an error message stating the following: "There was a problem sending the command to the program." This is occurring for existing documents. I was able to open the word application without error. I'm using office '97. I haven't had any problems with this application since installation. Help!

WINWORD.EXE is not a Valid Win32 application

Postby Edwin T. Pineda » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 18:14:57 GMT

im having a problem getting inside Word97 everytime i try 
it, i get this errorr message:C:\Program Files\Microsoft 
Office\Office\WINDWORD.EXE is not Valid Win32 application

Re: WINWORD.EXE is not a Valid Win32 application

Postby Mike Williams [MVP] » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 19:34:01 GMT

See  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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