Word 97 files are taking long time to open in XP + Word 2003



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Word 97 files are taking long time to open in XP + Word 2003

Postby MSK » Tue, 26 Feb 2008 19:45:16 GMT


I am converting lot of word 97 templates,

These templates have - INCLUDETEXT, BOOKMARKS to other word documents
which are located in a different path and MERGEDATA - using some other
word document as data source which is again in different path

When I try to open those templates in my XP + Word 2003 machine, it
takes long time - I don't know WHY? Using some VB code I am changing
the INCLUDETEXT and MERGE DATA path and saving in Word 2003, these new
2003 format files also taking long time to open

I don't have any clue Can anyone please help me here?

Note: I have default printer setup, have enough memory and all other
documents are opening very quickly.


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