MS Word 2002 - closes without warning, no error msg


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MS Word 2002 - closes without warning, no error msg

Postby StealthCat » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 13:09:00 GMT

Hi, I am serious need of help.

Word keeps closing without any error message or warning. 
This happens when I have multiple documents open and 
switch between windows.
After a couple of switches between windows, the whole 
application just closes.
When I open Word up again - all the documents need to be 

Anyone have any idea what's going on with it?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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1.Word Closes without any error msg or warning

Hi All,

I have Office 2003 Pro. When I am working with word and minimise the word 
application and make active any other application (eg: IE, msn messanger or 
any other application)then switch back to the Word application it just shuts 
down without any error msgs or the option to save the file.

any and all help is much appreciated.

Thank You


2.Word 2003 closes without warning or error

When using Word 2003 with 2 documents open, I click and type several things 
in the first document, then taskbar over to the other document and make some 
changes.  I repeat this series of steps multiple times and after about the 5 
or 6 time, Word just disappears.  All instances disappear with no error or 
warning and no option to save appears either. 

Hardware & Software Configuration:
IBM Thinkpad T42 with Windows XP PRO SP2 and Office 2003 (no SP).  

Things I've tried:
Installed Office 2003 SP-1, did not resolve the issue.
Swapped out memory chip for T42.  
Did a detect and repair on Office 2003.
Reinstalled Office 2003.
Started the computer in Safe Mode, did not resolve the issue.
Started the computer with selective startup and disabled all startup options.

Possible solutions:
I experienced similar software issues like this on other IBM T-Series 
laptops, specifically with Quickbooks.  The problem was resolved after 
disabling several of the pre-installed IBM startup tools (which there are a 
ton of on a Thinkpad).  However, I have not had similar luck in this 

Has anyone experienced this?  My next step is to have the motherboard 
replaced.  Although I still haven't reinstalled windows yet, which you never 
know might do the trick.

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I get a error msg. when opening MS Word; "compile error in hidden module: 

This doesn't seem to effect operation, it is just a pain.

I have tried repairing Office with my CD and re-installing it too no avail.

Can anyone give me and idea.


4.Word 2002 closes with no warning

I am running WinXP Pro and Office XP. Problem is when MS 
word is open and I am working with other programs I will 
minimize word documents then when I attempt to maximize 
the docs all of a sudden the program is no longer open. I 
have tried to figure out if it is happening when Outlook 
is open (it usually is). MS word is my email editor. Has 
anyone heard of this? Better yet can anyone help? 

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a fw people i know have this problem, word just closes itself automatically 
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