Blank doc shows - yet print and text boxes show on print previ



  • 1. Why does the Word program keep terminating?
    while i'm typing in Microsoft Word 2003, a dialog box pops up saying an error has occurred in C runtime or whatever and its says abnormal program termination. After i press okay in the dialog box, the Word program closes and I lose my work because I didn't get a chance to save. I could keep my work if I constantly (and i mean every minute) save but its rather annoying. how do i fix this problem?
  • 2. HTMLinlinevideoctl
    When I try to insert the Movie, Sound, or Scrolling Text Web form controls from the Web Tools toolbar in Microsoft Office Word 2003, I receive the following error message: "This object was created in HTMLInlineSoundCtl. This application is not available to open this object. Make sure the application is properly installed and that it has not been deleted, removed or renamed." Will there ever be a fix? Should I uninstall SP2? I think that Microsoft should fix this problem. I need to install movies for my college classes on websites. If there isnt a fix, will Microsoft refund us Office 2003, so i can get a software program that works? Please let me know ASAP! Mark
  • 3. Word 2003 preview and print
    Word 2003 unexpectedly quits to desktop when I click preview, print, or page setup. It does not give an error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 Basic as well as my printer and its drivers. I can print and preview without any problem in Excel, but not in Word. Any ideas? I read the issue reagrding I've noticed that the file is displayed as ~$ I'm not sure if that's how it should appear. Renaming the file to gives an error message "Unable to read form source". Son't know if that's related to the problem.
  • 4. Word 2000 SP3 Runtime Error when starting
    Running office 2000 Pro on Windows 2000 Pro. Word has SP3 installed. When trying to start Word, we immediately receive the error: Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. I then created another user on the pc and logged in with that ID and Word started fine for the new user. When I go back to the initial user I get the same error. Other office products appear to run OK. Problem apparently resides somewhere in the user profile. What can be done without having to create a new user id for the user with the problem??

Re: Blank doc shows - yet print and text boxes show on print previ

Postby Tml4MTQz » Fri, 17 Mar 2006 01:49:27 GMT

Hi Charles

Thanks for that - erm, view > " ? which field am I marking?
Or am I being a bit dense?

Cheers Nix 

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