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  • 1. Word 2000 having problem with XP/SP2 (help needed, Thanks)
    Repost recently i have added a few new PCs (XP/SP2) into my office network installed with MSOffice2000. Most of the office applications does not give me any problem except word. The problem is as follow: Word application will hang when i open/edit/save a word file that is created sometime ago on WIn2000 with MSOffice2000 PC. When the word doc is open, edited and sometime before the user can save the file. It will pop up an error and then hangs the word applicaiton and all changes are not saved. And the frequency is high. I have patch the PC with SP3 and SR1a. But the problem remains. One alternative solution that i had is to open all these file and save them into Rich Text Format before editing the file and then save them back into word file again. And the problem will be gone. BUT, this is not a good solution as there are thousands of files that are created in MSOffice2000 with WIn2K OS. Thus every new PC that i installed and deploy will face the same problem. Ayone experience this. Please share the solution. Thanks
  • 2. Users losing form data on Print
    We have distributed Word form templates with Tools/Options/Print/UpdateFields enabled. When SOME users Print, they are losing the data they entered into the protected form. Word Help (online and books) only explains how to enable the Update-Fields-on-Print option. It does not acknowledge that this abberation might occur, or explain how to avoid it. Since fields and links are in both body and headers/footers, using normal update fields methods is complicated for our range of users. We'd like to make it SIMPLE (read that "error-proof"). [Forms were created in Word 2003; used principally by Word 98 and higher. Tried using an UpdateFileds macro, but it will work only in an unprotected document.] HELP!
  • 3. not displaying xml data in word document
    i want to display my xml data in word document. i dont want to display the whole xml data but part of it for which i did the required things as instructed in microsoft help (insert xml data), but it is not displaying data. i am getting the below code at the xml insertion point. i want to display part of xml data between "employee number" & "Designation". xml contain tags in this form (<RECORDS><RECORD><EMPNO><EMPNAME><DESIGNATION>) Employee Number: -{ INCLUDETEXT "C:\\Documents and Settings\\MDK\\Desktop\\templates\\xmlfile.xml" \n xmlns:a=\"xmlfile1\" \t "C:\\Documents and Settings\\MDK\\Desktop\\templates\\xmlfile.xsl" \x a:records/a:record/a:empno \* MERGEFORMAT } Designation:- may be problem in Xpath which i am supplying. and also pls tell how to create xsl file? please give me solution ASP i need it urgently. Thanks
  • 4. Problem printing address labels. If printing a whole page only to.
    Printing a page of the same address is no longer possible. The settings seem to get lost as you go down the page. Only the first 3 rows print properly.
  • 5. Hyperlink UNC-path back from relative to absolute?
    My first problem already solved by this: "Beth Melton" wrote: [...] > See if the following works for you as well: > - Go to Tools/Options/General > - Click the Web Options command > - On the Files tab turn off "Update links on save" > [...] Great tip, thanks a lot. It helped me because I had the problem that absolute UNC-paths of hyperlinks were changed to relative UNC-paths with forward slashes (but pointing to file on our server e.g. ../../../../folder1/folder2/document.doc). Of course it will help me for the future only. Unfortunately the process of changing the relative path back to absolute is not possible though very strange things happen: In the tool tip I see this: ../../../../../folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/folder5/dok.doc Editing the hyperlink I see this: ../../../../../folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/folder5/dok.doc But Shift-F9 shows this: { HYPERLINK "\\\\server\\\\folder1\\folder2\\folder3\\folder4\\folder5\\dok.doc" } Editing this last string has no affect. BTW: The relative path is not available and I get a MsgBox: "The address of this site is not valid. Check the address and try again." Nevertheless even if it was valid I need absolute paths. Anybody an idea what's wrong here (Word 2002 10.4219.4219 SP-2)? Thanks

Re: Blank White Square - office 97

Postby k brinfield » Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:59:53 GMT

We also get this problem, however with Office 97 (SR2b) (!
yes, we're still using off97) on Windows XP (SP-1) 
machines.  The patch available applies to Office XP only -
 is there any solutions/workarounds out there for this 
similar problem?

Rectangular Area of
to the newsgroup so

between windows, after a
will get a blank white
previous window or box
close and reopen word.
NOTHING on MS's site.
troubleshooting path

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