Word takes a long time to open



  • 1. pc freezes
    I have a pc with Word 6.0 on it. I just upgraded from Windows 98se to Windows XP Home Edition. When I try to open Word or a Word document the word window comes up and then the little hour glass just sits there vibrating and the system is locked up and must be rebooted. Any help will be appreciated. P.S. All other apps i.e. Excel, Powerpoint work fine
  • 2. HELP, Error
    Each time I try to open Word, I get >Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Error winword.exe
  • 3. Word document as an E-Mail attachment
    Could someone help me with this? I put together a word document with text and I scanned an obituary I clipped from the local newspaper into the document. When I attach it to an E-Mail message and send it to my office E-Mail and I open it all I get is a bunch of  symbols instead of the text and obit I inserted. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
  • 4. Symbols instead of text
    When I open a file from mail or internet I get this Garbled Symbols and some words no text. I don't understand and I don't know ghow to get my normal text back ...Please Help!
  • 5. Microsoft Word problems
    I use the Word program with my WindowsME computer program. When I get ready to save a document, whether I "save" it or "save as", I always get an error message, and says that the program will now close. Help!!! I have downloaded updates, and everything else I can think of, but it still does not work. Any suggestions??????

Word takes a long time to open

Postby Nancy Gubman » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 03:29:21 GMT

This problem started a week ago -- it takes at least 1 
minute for Word to open, and then close to 1 minute for 
each file to open.  I haven't encountered this problem in 
the past.

RE: Word takes a long time to open

Postby pmelek » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 08:19:41 GMT

If this is happening across the board with all apps and files (and you're running Windows XP), it may just be time to run Disk 

Re: Word takes a long time to open

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 08:59:59 GMT

Do you have Journaling enabled in Outlook?

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1.Word takes extraodinarily long time to open doc

I have a problem in which a word.doc was sent via outlook but when trying to 
open takes word up to 2 minutes to open, giving the message that "the 
Document <filename> caused a serious error the last time it was opened......" 
but this document is not in the disabled items list as suggested on the help 
screen.  MS help and support KB286017 says "Note Although a file is enabled, 
the program may still not be able to open it. The file may still cause 
serious errors."  with no corection....

This does not happen to all outlook attachments but from 2 specific users.  
I can not figure out if it is our machine or the senders, however the same 
document opened on multiple 2007 or 2003 computers takes a long time, but 
other documents do not.

Any help or ideas?  

Thank you!

2.Word takes a long time to open a doc on a network drive


I'm working with Word 2007.
When I'm trying to open documents from the network, Word takes a long a time 
to open it and the following message appears in the statusbar :
Contacting....to get information

This only appears on one computer.
I have tried to desactivate Anti-virus and firewall but it's the same.
When openning local documents, it works fine.

Could you help me please.
Many thanks in advance.

3.Deleting block of text takes a long, long, LONG time

When I try to delete selected (highlighted) text, nothing seems to happen for 
a very long time. Word 2007 seems to just sit and think, and does nothing for 
30s to a minute. For very short pieces of text (several characters) it goes 
faster, for medium sized (1 page), the delay is unnaceptable.

This happens regardless of whether I use Backspace, Delete, Ctrl+X, or just 
type over selected text.

It's a very big issue when using any macros that rely on repeatedly 
pasting/deleting blocks of text, such as any of the translation tools that 
integrate with Word via macros (Trados, Logoport).

I'm using Word 2007 SP2 (and a computer fast enough to run most new games, 
so you'd think deleting 600 words would not be a problem...)

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

4.Word 2000 takes a long time to open Word X file

Word X template is used to create a new simple text only Word
document. The new Word document is opened in Word 2000 under Windows
2000. It takes a long time to open and at the bottom of the screen
there is some blurb about virus scan being requested. I have Norton AV
2004 on the Windows 2000 machine, but the wierd thing is that as soon
as I click anywhere outside Word 2000 so that it loses focus and then
immediately click back on Word 2000 the slow document has now opened.
I do not have this problem with Word documents created in Word 2000
and viewed in Word 2000. Any ideas about what is in the Word X created
document that is slowing things down?

Of course, the Word X created document opens quickly in Word X.



5.Word 97 files are taking long time to open in XP + Word 2003


I am converting lot of word 97 templates,

These templates have - INCLUDETEXT, BOOKMARKS to other word documents
which are located in a different path and MERGEDATA - using some other
word document as data source which is again in different path

When I try to open those templates in my XP + Word 2003 machine, it
takes long time - I don't know WHY? Using some VB code I am changing
the INCLUDETEXT and MERGE DATA path and saving in Word 2003, these new
2003 format files also taking long time to open

I don't have any clue Can anyone please help me here?

Note: I have default printer setup, have enough memory and all other
documents are opening very quickly.


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