lost jewel case for word 2000



  • 1. Incorrect Ribbon ID
    Hi, I have downloaded the Microsoft excel spreadsheet that lists the Ribbon IDs for Word 2007. I have been enabling/disabling controls using these Ribbon IDs. It appears that one of the IDs that has been provided is incorrect (probably misspelled). The Ribbon ID that is provided is: GalleryAllShapesAndCanvas. I am trying to disable the dropdown button on the Insert Tab/Illustrations group, with no success. If someone knows the correct Ribbon ID, or can tell me where I've gone wrong, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike
  • 2. hyperlink crash...
    I'm trying to create a hyperlink in an email (Word as the editor) which says LINK but goes to a website... why is it that this is causing my message to crash and vanish without giving me the option to save?! wouldn't have minded if it was the first thing i did! I've repaired and re-installed office... deleting the office folder and still the same! Anyone else got any ideas before i throw in the towel and go back to pen and paper?
  • 3. i have a picture in the middle of my TOC, how do I get it out?
    I've checked formatting, I've checked in all the hyperlinks for my TOC. I don't see it anywhere except on view. How in the world do I get it out of there. It just moved itself into that location for whatever reason and I can't get it out! Thank you.
  • 4. Performance of Word 2007 is very slow
    My collegue starts a new document in Word 2007 with a template of our customer. I think this template is made in Word 2003 and it has a macro to fill in some standard text. After typing some pages and adding some pictures the document became very slow. When he moves a picture he can go downstairs to take a coffee. When he is typing, Word is too slow to follow his typing speed, which isn't fast. When he copies the text and pictures to a new and empty Word 2007 document, then the new document is much faster, but not 100% of the normal speed. Switching back to the original document it's slow again. Has anyone else the same problem? Has someone a solution? Now my collegue says he has saved the document as .doc (Word 98-2003) instead of .docx (Word 2007). He is going to try it and when he has worked with the document during some time, he will inform me about his experience. With kind regards, Marco.

lost jewel case for word 2000

Postby Becky » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:08:58 GMT

My computer crashed and I bought a new one.  I have my 
CD  for word 2000 but I also have misplaced the jewel 
case with the 25 character code.  I would appreciate any 
suggestion that would prevent me from having to buy new 


Re: lost jewel case for word 2000

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:34:35 GMT

If it is a retail version, contact Microsoft at (800) 360-7561, or, if
outside the U.S., see this site:  http://www.**--****.com/ 

If the software came preinstalled on your PC (OEM version), then it is not
legal to install it on another computer.

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