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  • 1. Word 2007 not responding when I use "find" -- A SOLUTION
    I discovered that the problem was a word with 3 consecutive optional hyphens. Some testing shows that a the pattern digit---digit causes the crash, where the hyphens are optional hyphens. Thus "9---5" causes a crash, while "nine---five" does not. It must be very rare to have this pattern in a document, since it basically would be an accident. Nonetheless, it rendered the document unusable until the problem was isolated and removed. "Terry Farrell" wrote: > Rerun Office setup, advanced options and under proofing make sure all > components are installed except for hyphenation. > > T
  • 2. Word experienced an error trying to open file
    On a Windows XP machine member of a Windows 2003 domain when I try to open a word document on a shared folder and the document is already open from another user, I got the following error: Word experienced an error trying to open file. Try these suggestions. - Check the file permission... - Make sure there is sufficient free memeory... - Open the file with Text Recovery... In this installation word is part of the Office 2003 pro suite. When the document is not opened from anyone I've no problem. On other machines with similar installation I have not any problem. May anyone help me?
  • 3. Menus not appearing
    When I point to any menu (File, Edit, Format, etc) or click on any menu, they will not open. I can't do anything in Word 2003. Any suggestions? Thanks, Julie
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    I have a 60 day trial of Office 2007 and both Word and Access will not load. I have uninstalledOffice 2000 and also reinstalled Office 2007 (and vice versa) a number of times and still Word will not load in either versions. Very frustrating as when I go to Microsoft Helppage they expect me to pay almost 50 (per problem) for a software problem that is theres! To say I was a little surprised and feel very let down by Microsoft here is an understatement. I would appreciate any feedback as to how to fix this problem! Please....,.
  • 5. Mouse does not work in document, but does everywhere else
    This is for MS Office 2007 using the Vista OS. I can access the tool bars on the top with my mouse, but cannot move the cursor, select text, or any other function of the mouse within the document. I can use the arrow keys to perform functions in the document just fine.

Clip Art Gallery (5.0)

Postby RnJ1c3RyYXRlZA » Mon, 10 May 2004 02:21:02 GMT

How Do I Get My CAG 5.0 Catagories Back?  They're Gone!

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1.Clip Art Gallery 5.0

For me Clip Art Organizer is more of a Disorganizer.  I miss using Clip Art 
Gallery 5.0, and now just purchased and loaded Microsoft Office Standard 
Edition 2003(big-big mistake 2000 Small Business much better).  Is there any 
way I can purchase Clip Art Gallery 5.0 as a Stand-Alone? I'm seriousely 
considering returning to Microsoft Office 2000, to get away from Clip Org, 
and miss having more functionality i.e. graphic editing programs like Msdraw, 
etc.  The Thumbnails in Clip Organizer are much smaller and harder to see.  
It's just personal preference. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. do I add clip gallery 5.0 clip art to word 2003

I just updated to Office 2003 from Office 2000. I really like the clip art 
gallery from office 2000. How do I add that clip art to the Office 2003 clip 
art without adding each clip individually?

3.Clip gallery user database failed to open when trying to insert clip art

Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel

I have a teacher that gets the message "Clip gallery user database failed to open" every time she tries to insert clip art in Word or PowerPoint. I have already tried to trash the preferences (and empty the trash) for the clip gallery in the user's library and I have tried repairing her permissions. If logged in as another user, the clip gallery works fine.

This is driving me CRAZY and I really need to move on to other support issues. Please help!

4."no clips" displayed in clip art gallery for specific user

Version: 2004
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Hoping some one can help,

When logged in as a specific user, when trying to insert clip art, there are listed categories, however there are no clips displayed?

There seems to be no issues when other users log in.

The specific user account is a generic account that multiple users log in with and occurs on both intel and powerpc machines.

If any more information is needed please let me know.


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Clip art gallery will not open.  Get message stating that clip art gallery 
cannot access clip catalog.  Have restarted computer.  I am able to log on to 
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into my document.  Help?

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